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Timbers manager Gavin Wilkinson: “I feel humiliated.”

Jul 22, 2012, 12:05 PM EDT

Gavin Wilkinson

Harsh times call for harsh words, I suppose.

Portland Timbers manager Gavin Wilkinson wasn’t beating around the hot Texas bush last night after his team capitulated to FC Dallas:

I feel humiliated. I feel terrible for the organization. We talk about how great our fan support is. We had a group of fans that traveled tonight, and I apologize to them. And that’s me and the organization apologizing. It’s important that we readdress the situation.”

Addressing the situation is tough, of course. Just days before the transfer window closes, there’s only so much “addressing” that can happen at this point.

They have a chance to put things temporarily into a better place, at least, as Chivas USA visits Portland in a week. The Goats are only doing a little better than Portland.

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Meanwhile, Wilkinson wasn’t finished:

I don’t think tactics lost us the game. It’s not me isolating the players. I’m in it with them, so I’m very careful about what I say there. But we are embarrassed tonight. We found a way to lose the game, scored an own goal, and then dug a deeper hole and didn’t track runners. You can’t tactically allow for players to not track runners. They’ve got a job to do. It’s up to us collectively to get the jobs done. But this is unacceptable, completely unacceptable.”

  1. sir1389 - Jul 22, 2012 at 3:11 PM

    I disagree, I completely think tactics lost them the game which includes an inability to garner formational consistency which would lead to a bunch of new players not accustomed to each other to gain some chemistry week to week. Last year the Timbers played 31/35 games in a standard 4-4-2 formation that suited their work horse CMD in Jewsbury and Chara who controlled the midfield and got back on defense and their speedy MD in Alhassan and Nagbe that could fly up the wing and provide width to the final third for Perlaza and Cooper. The back line was the stable but still featured relatively the same 4-6 CB in Wallace, Danso, Brunner, Palmer, Purdy and Goldwaithe. Week to week that line up rarely changed and in my opinion brought a cohesion to the unit that was able to get good results for an expansion team. This year we were regrettably bitten by the injury bug more than last year as Purdy, Zizzo, Alhassan and Brunner among others have landed for longer spells on the injury list. But this year there have been as many games played outside the 4-4-2 as in it as 10/20 games this year have been in random midfield configurations such as 4-1-2-1-2 or 4-2-3-1. I understand that the formation depends on the talent that is available to you and you need to cover your shortcomings and enhance your strengths but all the unnecessary tinkering this year has lead to too many players in too many different positions, none of which were able to grow into a cohesive unit. The only real difference between last year and this year was the loss of Cooper and the addition of Boyd, Perlaza was traded for Mwanga which I think is an upgrade. Therefore the formation should look like:
    Boyd Mwanga
    Alhassan Jewsbury Chara Nagbe
    Wallace Danso Brunner Palmer

    Smith, Kimura, and Horst can sub in the back line and maybe get a start or two depending on form and injuries. Chabala, Alexander, Songoo, Zizzo are good subs off the bench in midfield and Fucito and Richards can come in at forward. But the starters should remain the same and work up some chemistry together. The past weeks have just been a crapshoot with starters playing out of position or on the bench as Spencer and now Wilkerson play around with the lineups so much you would think they were playing FIFA 12. And its really showing in the results on the field.

    • sir1389 - Jul 22, 2012 at 3:19 PM

      I apologize in advance for the long winded rant…

      • Steve Davis - Jul 22, 2012 at 3:34 PM

        Clearly passionate. A good fan. Whether we agree or disagree, I love when supporters care and are engaged in thoughtful ways.

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