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Real Salt Lake’s loss in Champions League will be a bother, but not much mroe

Aug 1, 2012, 9:09 AM EDT

Jason Kreis

How much trouble is Real Salt Lake in, now that its CONCACAF Champions League fight has begun with little bit of a bloody nose?

Not much, really. Three matches remain in group play, two against Panamanian champion Tauro FC and one more against last night’s opposition, Herediano of Costa Rica.

The 1-0 loss Tuesday does shrink the CCL margin for error. It adds a little more pressure to get wins, not ties, in the two subsequent home matches in the tournament. And it means RSL must pay closer attention to goal difference during matches in Utah and the one in Panama – which may adjust manager Jason Kreis’ strategy here and there.

(This year’s reformatted CCL competition includes three-team groups rather than four-team groups as before.)

What Kreis said about last night’s 1-0 loss in San Jose, Costa Rica, where defender Nat Borchers’ ejection left the Utah side with 10 men for the final half-hour. (His complete quote sheet is here.)

We struggled to get possession of the ball and we’re a team that likes to have possession of it, control the tempo of the match and we struggled to do that. And then we got punished for it, I think rightly so when Herediano scored a very scored a very good goal. But as the game wore on I thought we got better and better. Towards the end of the first half we put some pressure on them and I thought we were a little unfortunate not to score a goal.

  1. sluggo271 - Aug 1, 2012 at 10:02 AM

    Is it me or is Real Salt Lake the biggest complainers of refereeing in the league. Maybe LA has that record. But seriously, everytime RSL loses I know exactly what I am gong to read. They go down a goal, can’t keep possesion and they Blame the Referee?? Come on and man the hell up, take a look in the freakin mirror and own up!!
    Pretty sad!!

    • sluggo271 - Aug 1, 2012 at 10:04 AM

      Also, I did watch the game and RSL had several quality chances to score and perhaps win the game. Maybe except the fact you couldn’t score and not fault the referee.

    • upinslc - Aug 1, 2012 at 2:20 PM

      Where exactly from that did you get that RSL was blaming the referee? In all of the quotes, Kreis and the players openly stated that they needed to do better and take advantage of their opportunities, which they didn’t. A 1-0 loss isn’t the worst thing in the world, but they could have come out of there with a tie. And YES, the ref did a piss poor job, how on earth did Herediano escape without a single yellow card after all the persistent infringement on Saborio, Morales and Espindola? Those guys were CONSTANTLY being fouled and ridden. How about that tackle on Will Johnson in the second half after he stole the ball off the Herediano attacker? This was after Borchers got his (obviously) BS red card and Herediano doesn’t even get a yellow for that from behind scissor tackle on Johnson. It was bad reffing compounded by Herediano’s theatrics and penchant for throwing themselves onto the ground (I mean come on, their two attackers plow into each in the box, both fly to the ground and throw their arms up in disgust looking for a call! You idiots tackled each other, RSL players weren’t even close to you).

      All the coaches and players for RSL said the same thing after the match, they have to do better. I don’t know what crap you’re reading, but it’s clear that RSL knows what they did wrong and accept (not except, like in your post below) that. “Man the hell up”? Maybe you should stop making crap up. That or you are a Costa Rican/Herediano homer.

  2. sluggo271 - Aug 1, 2012 at 3:51 PM

    See? Case in point!!

    As for where did I read that?

    “I’m okay with this,” RSL head coach Jason Kreis told ESPN 700 in Salt Lake City after the loss. “To suffer a really harsh decision with the red card in the 56th, 57th minute, whatever it was, to have to play a man down for the remaining 30-plus minutes.

    Take off the blinders!! Accept responsability and STOP blaming refs!!!!
    Sore losers!

    • upinslc - Aug 1, 2012 at 7:10 PM

      That’s your reply? Kreis saying he thought they suffered a really harsh decision? That’s complaining about the reffing? He even starts that comment (from which you provide ZERO context) with “I’m okay with this.” Think you need to learn a thing or two about complaining about reffing.

      And my comment makes me a sore loser? Wow, what buggered up your ass? Let’s look at some other comments from Kreis last night, shall we?
      “I thought our guys came out a little bit low on energy.”
      “And then we got punished for it, I think rightly so when Herediano scored a very scored a very good goal.”
      “We told our team yesterday that this is a very good team. I think it’s a very technically gifted team, I think it’s a team that’s very gifted in the attack with some very mature players that obviously can create some real problems for us, as they did tonight.”

      Yup, seemed like he was really making up excuses, complaining about the reffing and not “manning up” as you like to put it. Blinders? Accept responsibility? Blaming the refs? I have no effing clue where you are getting any of this. Sounds like you are the one who is up in arms, making much-a-do about nothing. Maybe calm down a little and try to see this rationally instead of going so over the top about nothing. Or are you just an RSL hater? Maybe take off your own blinders/blind hate for them.

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