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David Beckham happy hanging out, promises to find new team eventually

Dec 27, 2012, 2:30 PM EDT

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“David is in no hurry to make a decision, the key is making the right one as he has always done successfully in his career,” David Beckham’s advisors say to the Associated Press.

Beckham, as you know, left the Los Angeles Galaxy after five more-or-less successful years in Major League Soccer. After departing as an MLS Cup-winner, he set out to hang with his family, celebrate a little bit, and find a new team. Some thought the announcement would come quickly. Those people were, obviously, wrong. But his management team promises that a decision is coming at some point in the future.

Where, you ask? Well… that’s a good question. L’Equipe says Monaco is out. Beckham reportedly won’t return to the English Premier League, nor will he jump to Australia’s A-League. All of that, and everything else you’re read, is speculation so take it with a grain of the finest salt — only the best for Beckham — but he seems to be running out of options just a bit.

He will, of course, have suitors. This is David Beckham we’re talking about here, only the biggest star on the planet. Plenty of smaller clubs and/or leagues looking to make a splash would love to have his services. (See: LA Galaxy in 2007.) He can, if he wants, play pretty much anywhere. The DB management squadron is spitting all kinds of “a host of clubs” have made offers rhetoric, and there’s no reason to doubt them.

But, but, but: What if he doesn’t play anywhere? Think about it. There’s the athletic competition/winning angle, but does anyone think a top club will sign Beckham? No. He’s not going to sit on the bench, and he’s not good enough to see the field for the best teams in the world. He would go out a winner — albeit in MLS, which some around the world don’t respect, but whatever: a trophy is a trophy is a trophy. Therefore, the only reason he would play in 2013 is for money…

Except there’s no monetary incentive to get on the field in 2013. Sure, he will get paid some x number of millions, but he doesn’t need money and I bet he could make more in endorsements anyway if he were freed up from the constraints of being a professional footballer.

Beckham’s management says he’s going to pick a team at some point. And they might be telling the truth. But the longer this goes on, the more I wonder what exactly is bringing him back.

  1. florida727 - Dec 27, 2012 at 4:04 PM

    I happen to be a David Beckham fan. Read a good, interesting book about his life and just thought, wow, cool guy. Not that anybody with any certainty will tell, but supposedly he’s worth $175 million. He’s accomplished pretty much everything that’s worth accomplishing in his sport. Why come back? He’s 37. There’s a million things he can do outside the playing arena. Why not venture out? What I admire most about Beckham: his marriage has lasted. In today’s celebrity-marries-celebrity world where their marriages usually last about 12 minutes (because someone’s “career” has to come first), he married someone arguably as popular as he was, and they made it work. In today’s society where the easiest thing to do is get a divorce, it’s more than just admirable. Whatever he decides to do, I’ll be rooting for him to succeed. And I have no doubt he will.

  2. cranespy - Dec 28, 2012 at 7:04 AM

    His humility makes him a champion. Take all the time you want Mr B….you helped our league gain stability and more than helped expand the brand. Soccer will never be more than a niche sport in the US but it us exponentially more stable as a result of Becks 5 year commitment. Thanks and God speed no matter where life’s road leads you and your family.

  3. mdac1012 - Dec 28, 2012 at 10:14 AM

    Why come back? Because he is a world class athlete, or at least was a world class athlete and you don’t get to that level without having a ridiculous competitive fire. But I also think he is a realist and at 37, if he still has that desire to play, he knows this year will most likely be his last and I am sure he wants to pick a situation where he is not going to embarrass himself on the pitch.

    Personally, I think going out a MLS Cup winner and seeing his home country host the Olympics, which he served as an ambassador for, is a nice way to close out a brilliant career. Owning a club is probably in his future, but as we in the US have seen with Michael Jordan, being a great player doesn’t necessarily make you a good executive.

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