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A fresh wrinkle in the Frank Lampard-Galaxy transfer talk

Jan 21, 2013, 12:37 PM EDT

(FILES) In this photo taken on March 26,

While we all debate and discuss whether Frank Lampard makes sense for the LA Galaxy and whether the longtime England man has surpassed Brazilian attacker Kaka as the MLS champs’ primary Designated Player target, let’s not lose sight of something fairly critical in all this:

Frank Lampard has a pretty big say in it – and he won’t be looking at things from an LA Galaxy perspective.

Clearly, Lampard is right to view things in terms of what makes most sense for him. Every player does, but none more than Chelsea’s longtime, faithful servant, who has also represented England with such a highly qualified and professional aplomb.

The situation remains fluid, too, as England’s 34-year-old midfielder continues to show that, where he is concerned, 34 can be the new 30.

It is possible that Chelsea changes its tune and attempts to keep Lampard around Stamford Bridge for another year. Chelsea officials have said otherwise – but we know these things can change, especially as fan pressure builds.

Meanwhile, here is a new wrinkle in this transfer crinkle. This report suggests Lampard may be jeopardizing an important goal by crossing the Atlantic to finish his career in sunny So Cal.

Lampard has 93 full international appearances for England; reaching that milepost 100th cap would certainly mean a lot. Lampard seems a shoe-in to turn up on England’s roster for an upcoming February friendly against Brazil, and quite likely for March World Cup qualifiers against San Marino and Montenegro.

If he appears in both, that leaves the cap count at 96. We know that MLS isn’t held in highest regard abroad, and certainly not in England, where respect has been grudging all along. So this is a fair point; it seems that Lampard’s England ambitions may indeed be part of the decision process.

  1. charliej11 - Jan 21, 2013 at 3:17 PM

    He will be 35 by the time he comes here and he will want a contract longer than one year.

    This is not FIFA 13 where your worth slowly drops off, in reality although sudden you don’t want him anymore.

    I hope he does go to LA.

  2. dfstell - Jan 21, 2013 at 5:02 PM

    I’m a Galaxy fan and I’ll take him. I know he’s 34, but he’s still playing well for a Top 4 EPL club. That’s not too shabby.

    But, I can understand him wanting to get to 100 caps. That’s a real achievement.

    • charliej11 - Jan 22, 2013 at 6:34 AM

      That kind of IS the definition of the insane number of rumors of the washed ups though, right ? Used to play for a “big club”, doesn’t any more, doesn’t want to join the teams that always lose to the big clubs, so he looks to THE competitive league, MLS.

      You can say not too shabby, but the real question is next year is he Henry or is he washed up ?

      • dfstell - Jan 22, 2013 at 7:09 PM

        I don’t know if he’ll be the next Henry, but if you go back to Dec 20, he’s started Chelsea’s last 7 Premier League games and scored 5 goals in those games. Now there are caveats…..a few of those goals are PKs and he’s getting subbed off at the end of games to get fresh legs in the game.

        He’s really not washed up. He might be washed up in a few years, but not now. Heck… me a central midfielder in MLS who would start for a Top 4 EPL club. Are there any? Zusi? Alonso? Zusi is rumored to have West Ham looking at him, not Chelsea.

        So….I think he’ll be good.

      • dfstell - Jan 22, 2013 at 7:12 PM

        Oh….yes…..and the other thing is that he’s available on a free transfer. Given MLS finances, that makes a big difference. The Kaka thing never made any sense since he’s got like 2 years left on his contract. Even if he isn’t playing at Real Madrid, they still want something for him. And the Diego Forlan thing didn’t make sense either since he DOES look washed up.

  3. mvktr2 - Jan 21, 2013 at 11:25 PM

    Being a 9.5 hour drive from the nearest MLS club I choose to follow several MLS clubs, LA being one of them. I hope he stays in jolly ole England, I simply do, just something about this doesn’t sit right or maybe it’s several things. Honestly I’d rather see a ‘lesser’ name or even a Freddy Montero type young player. Kaka is interesting and I’d much rather have he than Lampard, however for me the Diego Forlan hints from the summer window were the most exciting. Oh well, time will tell. Perhaps in 3.5 years when Sneider’s time is approaching conclusion in Turkey LA will make a move for him as a 31 year old? One can hope.

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