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Callum McManaman: Public enemy number one

Mar 17, 2013, 8:16 PM EDT


The Premier League rightly prides itself on being the toughest in the world. It’s physicality is legendary and it’s not for the faint hearted.

Callum McManaman in his first start for Wigan Athletic would certainly have been up for it and the adrenaline would’ve been pumping however there can be no excuse for this challenge which might have ended the career of Newcastle’s Massadio Haidara.

If you’re too squeamish to watch the video here’s the basic description. McManaman launched himself at top speed, studs first and planted his foot squarely on Haidara’s knee.

Incredibly referee Mark Halsey didn’t see a thing as he must have been wearing blinkers. No doubt the Football Association will take a good look at the video of the tackle which gets worse with each viewing.

On the Magpies bench, John Carver assistant to Alan Pardew was so incensed that his verbal volley at Halsey earned him a red card.

Haidara was taken to hospital and the diagnosis isn’t great. “It looks like knee ligaments and bad bruising is the best we can hope for,” said Pardew. “It is not going to be good because the tackle was so bad.”

This isn’t the worst challenge I’ve ever seen, Roy Keane on Alf inge Haaland takes that biscuit but it is right up there.

  1. unclemosesgreen - Mar 17, 2013 at 9:37 PM

    That was thoroughly psychotic.

  2. nyrbwiganajax - Mar 17, 2013 at 9:51 PM

    You’re doing any of your readers who hadn’t seen the match and didn’t watch the link a disservice, Nick. You’d make the unaware think McManaman performed simple assault. This was most certainly not that. It’s an ugly challenge, no doubt, but there is no inkling of intent and despite the heat of the moment, most would agree at the end this is a clumsy/reckless punishable attempt at clearing the ball that unfortunately resulted in a major injury due to the combination of split-second missed timing and ball height. He’s even clearly nicked the ball and if anything the follow-through unfortunately becomes worse for it.

    So perhaps a better word choice than “launched at top speed… studs…planted firmly into Haidara’s knee” as though that was what he meant to do all along might be warranted.

  3. docstraw - Mar 17, 2013 at 10:02 PM

    read the article before clicking on the link to the video. Was expecting something totally different. Agree with the poster above that it was ugly, clumsy, reckless, and grounds for an ejection but I am not sure it was “criminal”. The tackle that broke Marc Pelosi’s leg in that Liverpool reserves match was a thousand times worse.

  4. mvktr2 - Mar 18, 2013 at 1:07 AM

    That dude was out to make an impression in his first match.

    Break leg, 3 seconds later … intentional lunging handball.

    All that was missing from his day was flipping off the fans and cursing out the ref.

    On another note it seems someone from the Magpies would have metered out a bit of ‘justice’ to this guy! If the ref doesn’t control a match, the players have to. Where’s Jermaine Jones when you need him?

  5. mox19380 - Mar 18, 2013 at 9:19 AM

    Bad timing? the tackle was 2 feet above where any legitimate tackley should’ve been made AND he’s going at him spikes out.
    (here’s teh link since the one in the article has been taken down

    The tackle was violent, irresponsible and clearly unecessary on a simply defensive clearing play

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