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Highlights and context: Columbus draws at home. Again.

Apr 6, 2013, 8:33 PM EDT

Oduro headshot

Columbus might have a little something going this year. Might.

The goalkeeping and defense are strong. The midfield is improved. And with esteemed playmaker Federico Highlights mentoring some impressive young talent around him, there’s quite a bit to like about the men in yellow.

On the other hand, draws at home just aren’t going to get it done.

Last week’s swell road win over D.C. United would stand a lot taller today if it weren’t sandwiched around ties in Ohio, one to an injury depleted San Jose and another one to a very young (although quite feisty) Philadelphia side.

Robert Warzycha’s Crew needed to rally for a second half equalizer for Saturday’s 1-1 draw with the Union at Crew Stadium.

Dominic Oduro supplied the Crew’s second-half equalizer, making Columbus manager Robert Warzycha look good for one somewhat surprising lineup choice. Costa Rican international Jairo Arrieta was available again following international duty in his country’s efforts to book passage into Brazil 2014. But Oduro got the start at striker in the Crew’s 4-2-3-1.

Arrieta did come on at halftime, with Oduro shuttled out to the right wing.

Here is the complete highlight package from Saturday’s contest at Crew Stadium:


  1. tylerbetts - Apr 6, 2013 at 9:13 PM

    Owing to work, I only got to see the second half of the game. I was disappointed the Crew only came away with a point.

    I had a buddy who was only able to see the second half of the game. He was thrilled the Crew managed to come away with a point.

    Seems, reading recaps and reactions, watching highlights, and with what I saw in the 2nd half, the team was just different with both Oduro and Arrieta. Oduro, in particular, looked dangerous almost the entire second half, and looks to be one of the best off-season pickups for any team.

    But – yes, home draws are not going to get it done. Yes, the Crew have something like 11 in a row unbeaten at home. But you need the full three more often, or that unbeaten run doesn’t do too much for you.

    I mean, c’mon guys. Columbus is where Mexico goes to lose. Not where MLS goes to emulate Mexico.

  2. east96st - Apr 7, 2013 at 12:41 AM


    Given that you have pointed out in the past some poor officiating and how uneven the calls can be in the MLS, I’m quite surprised you chose not to chime in on this particular occasion. Six yellow cards in a game in a game that could have had at least ten and should have had two red cards. How does an official allow play to devolve into that kind of unprofessional and childish behavior? Referee Matthew Foerster embarrassed himself and the MLS with his inability to take any control of the game whatsoever. MLS really needs to start bringing in officials after games like this one, have them watch the film of the game, and go over with them where they HAVE to get better.

    • tylerbetts - Apr 7, 2013 at 10:03 AM

      What? You have a problem with a guy going Dikembe Mutumbo on a throw in?

      • east96st - Apr 7, 2013 at 12:43 PM

        Actually, tyler, I don’t. (BTW – Adam Jardy had a similar basketball themed tweet, but your’s was better, so kudos to you). Officials can’t stop players from being a**holes. What I DO have a HUGE problem with is any professional sport putting forth officials that allow things to spiral so out of control that a player thinks he can get away with that. Having watched the whole game from the sixth row of Crew Stadium, I can assure you that Keon Daniel should have had a yellow in the first half. He set out early to see exactly how much Foerster would allow him to get away with and Foerster’s impotence in the first half is what led to such childish behavior in the second. Foerster issued a few verbal warnings in the first, but it was woefully inconsistent. Sometimes, it was over what should have been a yellow card foul and other times it was over incidental contact. It was clear that he was in over head. In fact, the only thing that really seemed to enrage him was when a guy tried to throw the ball in or take a free kick a foot away from where Foerster felt they should. That got him really worked up, even though his placement was often wrong. My son and I drove to Crew Stadium from his Middle School soccer game. And my son even picked up on it. He said to me at about the 30 minutes mark that the ref was completely losing control of the game and the second half would be ugly. If it’s obvious to a 12 year old, my question is why can’t MLS see it?

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