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Liverpool fines Suarez for bite, says Rodgers will work with the striker on his character

Apr 22, 2013, 12:00 PM EDT


Liverpool managing director, Ian Ayre, has confirmed Luis Suarez has been fined but will not be sold this summer following his bite on Branislav Ivanovic.

The now infamous chomp-down resulted in Liverpool fining the player an undisclosed amount of money believed to range between two to four weeks’ wages, or $300,000 to $600,000. The money will go directly to the Hillsborough Family Support Group and Liverpool will take no further action against the player meaning any suspension will be levied by the Football Association.

Ayre explained that the club is working on improving the Uruguyan’s behaviour. When asked whether the bite incident will affect Suarez’ furture at the Kop, Ayre replied: “Not at all. It affects his future in the sense that we have to work with him on his discipline. But Luis is a very important player to the club. He’s a very popular player with his teammates. . . . This is more about getting him back on the right track and it’s largely down to Brendan [Rodgers] now to work with him on that side of his character.”

Rodgers, who refused to comment on the incident after the match, explained that he had a word with the striker regarding the incident: “Having reviewed the video footage and spoken to Luis, his behaviour is unacceptable and I have made him aware of this,” he said.

Ayre went on to explain that he feels Liverpool have done well handling this matter because they “acted swiftly” in having Suarez issue an apology and in imposing a fine. Further, Liverpool believe that working with Suarez on his issues will go a long way toward eradicating future incidents. The managing director hopes that these measures “puts the matter to rest” and that the club will now “wait and see if there’s any further action from the football authorities.”

Some will feel that given Suarez’ history, Liverpool’s reaction has been too soft. In November 2010 he was issued a seven match ban for biting the collarbone of PSV Eindhoven midfielder Otman Bakkal. In October 2011 he was alleged to have racially abused Manchester United’s Patrice Evra and was later found guilty and handed an eight match ban and a $60,000 fine. Ayre may talk about Rodgers’ need to “work with [Suarez] on that side of his character” but could it be that ship has already sailed?

That’s the question facing the Fenway Sports Group. The Uruguayan has become a PR nightmare and for a club run by an American sports group that prides itself on character, it’s tough to see how much longer Liverpool can put up with Suarez’ antics. Rodgers has stuck by Suarez through thick and thin but how much farther will he go to defend the world-class striker before the PR overspill becomes too much of a hazard?

Some have proposed outrightly sacking the player. According to former Kop legend, John Barnes, however, such a move would be ridiculous. “If you’re questioning [Suarez’] moral character, what you’re actually saying is that if he can’t play for Liverpool he can’t play for anyone, which is ridiculous.”

Others have proposed that Liverpool should preemptively suspend Suarez before the FA issues its ban. Such a move has been utilized by clubs employing players mired in controversy, but such a proactive move could backfire into a suspension period that far exceeds what the club would originally deem necessary.

One way or another Luis Suarez continues to be a player Liverpool can’t live with and can’t live without.

  1. Steve Davis - Apr 22, 2013 at 12:24 PM

    I suppose “working with character” is something the Liverpool suits have say. But the guy is 26! In a lot of ways, Suarez is what he is. He’s done this before (as Mike has pointed out). I think it’s either in you to act out so foolishly, or it isn’t … and no amount of character molding is going to change that. (And if it’s possible, it’s probably better left to professional counselors … not to Brendan Rodgers, who has plenty on his plate as it is.

    • jessedinner - Apr 22, 2013 at 3:09 PM

      I am not sure Suarez can control these type of actions. He runs around like a maniac on the field and gives everything and for that reason his emotions are just out of control. That being said Liverpool should do everything in their power to keep him in my opinion and I agree that Suarez needs some serious professional help.

  2. frobaggins - Apr 22, 2013 at 3:05 PM

    since there was no article about the game itself, i wanted to share my opinion on how disgraceful of an afternoon it turned out to be for chelsea

    Jamie Carragher bitched the entire game. He spent 70% of the game in the refs face. Daniel Sturridge played incredible but should have been sent off in the 85th minute…he didn’t even see a yellow card even though he acted like he was waiting for one, and then Luis Suarez takes the cake. His hand ball was a joke. Just blatantly trying to cheat without getting caught. Then the whole team had the nerve to complain that he got a yellow for it.

    The end of the game was an absolute disgrace. anyone who is neutral is fair to say the game was played like a draw. liverpool controlled most of the action and brought the game to chelsea most of the 2nd half. but chelsea were winning and while you can say liverpool deserved a second goal, can you really deny chelsea played just hard enough to see the game out 2-1?

    the ref adds six minutes of extra time. five would have been accurate, six was a massive reach. the PK took 1:30, give a minute for the goal and then 30seconds a sub and you get 5 minutes. Liverpool were losing and used all three, their subs prob took 30 seconds total. Chelsea see the six minutes out..barely.. and at the 96:00 mark of the game, the ball went out of bounds for a chelsea throw about 15 yards from the 18. Game over right? Nope, someone how the refs plays on and at 96:47, the two players who should have been sent off connect for a game tying goal. I seriously wonder if liverpool kept the ball near the 18, if the ref would have let 10 minutes of added time be played. a definite lock that he would have

    so while the attention will go to that cheating rat suarez for biting someone mid-game, the overall takeaway from yesterday is that the whole game can be looked at as one big controversial, shameful mess and one of the worst reffed games this season

    • jessedinner - Apr 22, 2013 at 3:47 PM

      I seriously think we were watching different games.

      -One who cares that Jamie Carragher bitched at the ref because there is no chance the ref could understand a word of what he was saying.
      -Sturridge certainly deserved a yellow card but the ref blatantly missed the call. I think a red would have been very harsh. Red cards are given out for such soft fouls in the EPL.
      -Suarez def tried to hand the ball and he got caught, was given a yellow and Chelsea got a pk. That is part of the game. Also, I highly doubt Torres would have scored on that header.
      -The first half was even and extremely boring but Liverpool dominated Chelsea in the second half. They absolutely destroyed them. Chelsea two chances all game came from corner kicks, so they were pretty much as good as Stoke on Sunday. Chelsea certainly did not deserve to win the game 2-1.
      -I do think Suarez should have been red carded but what can you do when the ref doesn’t see what went on. He will be suspended for 10 games or so and that is that.
      -Your time frame makes absolutely no sense. The whole pk took a minimum of 3mins 50 seconds.
      -Chelsea played miserable and dropped back when Liverpool pressed. Chelsea has more than enough talen to play offensive but didn’t show up to play at a very important game.

      If you take a poll from EPL players of who is a bigger piece of shite btw your beloved John Terry and Suarez, I am pretty sure we all know who would come out on top. Also, Chelsea is just as much of a mess as Liverpool considering the plethora of coaches going in and out bc of their psycho owner.

      • frobaggins - Apr 23, 2013 at 9:45 AM

        sidwell got sent off for the same tackle against arsenal saturday, with less studs showing and giroud was sent off as well for nothing overly malicious, but just stupid reckless challenges. thats what sturridges’ tackle was, reckless and with AWFUL form. thats a red card all season and there is no denying it.

        the point of suarez’s using his hand is that he didn’t think to play honestly, he was just like “fuck it, lets see if i can sneak this in’. pretty scummy

        i never understood this argument that “chelsea only had two chances, they didn’t deserve to win”. even if they only had two chances all game at goal, they scored both. who cares how much better the other team plays, even though they didnt score. chelsea happen to have one of the better keepers in the world, why is it “liverpool deserved more” when cech played great? the 2-1 scoreline was a reflected by what was on the field. tired chelsea team took advantage of their only chances and hope to defend enough to win. liverpool wasn’t good enough to do it or they would have scored 4. spare me “they dominated the second half”.. they scored one goal

        i never said the ref should have seen it, i can’t blame him. but he shrugged it off like it was nothing and i promise you he saw the replay right after the game and said to himself “im an asshole”

        and you know why the PK took so long? cause suarez, carragher and gerrard wouldn’t get out of the refs face, then pepe reina mulled around the box and waited 30 seconds after the ref was ready so he could have a drink. he tried psyching hazard out by taking his time….they wasted time and so they get that added back on? think about that for a second. and even if my time frame was wrong, and six minutes is right, it still doesn’t make sense to let them play an extra 45seconds ESPECIALLY when chelsea had possession at the 96 minute mark.

        wanna try and shit on chelsea, be my guest. but don’t come at me with this BS that liverpool deserved the scoreline. DESERVE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

        and i love that you talk about how dysfunctional chelsea are as a club since they go through all these managers. but think about it, chelsea have won 2 league titles, had the FA cup named after them, won the champions league last year and all with different managers. not too dysfunctional

    • forked - Apr 23, 2013 at 1:03 AM


      Particularly the refs time keeping at the end of the game.

  3. frobaggins - Apr 22, 2013 at 3:18 PM

    and suarez should be banned half a season. knowing the FA, they won’t do anything. but his last two suspensions should be added together and he should sit the rest of this season. thats 19 games.

    and liverpool are a joke with announcing in their press releases that suarez is insisting his money go to charity….uhh hey liverpool, where does the money you fine players go to begin with? think everyone didn’t know his money was gonna go to charity to begin with? stop trying to cover up that your best player is a cheating, biting, accused racist. glad its not my club that sets this precedent for its players and its image. joke club

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