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Are Spurs putting the “For Sale” sign on Clint Dempsey?

May 21, 2013, 6:40 PM EDT


In the interest of journalistic “telling it like it is,” let us state right away that this piece came out of nowhere and that its source, The Mirror, frequently falls on the dubious side where hard-sourced information goes.

Disclaimers out of the way, no one who follows U.S. Soccer can like to see this: The Mirror reports that Tottenham would not turn down a reasonable offer for U.S. international Clint Dempsey.

The story is not about Dempsey alone. It’s about Tottenham engaging in something of a house cleaning as they strive to improve their EPL finish by one spot – albeit one massive and quite lucrative spot. Andre Villas-Boas and his Spurs just finished fifth, one place out of Champions League, which was the most reasonable, high-value target being chased in north London this year.

Thus, the club may be willing to entertain offers for Dempsey, Emmanuel Adebayor and Scott Parker, perhaps gathering up a little bank account to help pursue a Christian Benteke or a David Villa or a Lisandro Lopez.

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Dempsey did not have a bad season, exactly, around White Hart Lane. In fact, U.S. manager Jurgen Klinsmann was recently effusive with praise for his top attacker of the moment and the U.S. forward’s just-completed campaign.

But it was a little shrunken when held up against that previous breakout campaign at Fulham. Remember that? Just a year back? When my kind could not find enough superlatives to help describe his golden season at Craven Cottage?

So, heads-up on this one. Maybe it’s The Mirror being the The Mirror. But you’ve been warned, at least.

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  1. scottp11 - May 21, 2013 at 7:17 PM

    Well, I think Spurs fans are pretty happy with him. He’s been plugged-in at a handful of positions, been stable, scored some goals (big ones too) and was generally good.

    Above all, he was “only” £6 million on a transfer fee. As you even said here, pretty astonishing for someone with 17 (?) league goals last year. I’d imagine it would be good business if Spurs were able to sell him on for that same price, if not a bit higher.

    But I think they will keep him. He was very flexible, has some tenacity and seemed to fit in well. He might get more bench time or Europra/FA Cup focus, but they do need quality depth.

  2. spikenyc - May 21, 2013 at 8:22 PM

    You can’t compare last year to this year. At Fulham, he was the man and everything went through him. He was a role player at Spurs and did his job just fine. AVB loves him and gets it as has every manager who’s had him. He’s not going anywhere. But as an Arsenal fan, I’d be in favor of a move. Tired of hoping for 4-3 Spurs losses with Clint getting a hat trick!

  3. bellerophon30 - May 21, 2013 at 8:59 PM

    Not seeing how Clint gets 6 million pounds again in the transfer market when he’s a year older, he’ll never be more valuable than he was at this time last year and teams seemed to be running away from him.

    One of the frustrating, yet understandable, things about European football is that there aren’t published wage charts like there are here in the US. So when teams talk about “cutting the wage bill” we don’t get to play amateur Director of Football and see what we can do with the numbers. For all we know they might just need to shed Clint and Parker to balance out David Villa’s wages, but we’ll never really know.

    But given that the four teams above them don’t appear to be getting worse, Spurs have to do something. And one day Liverpool will figure things out, and even fifth place won’t be a given. I hope they keep Clint of course, they’ll need him for Europa playing if nothing else. Something has to be done though.

  4. player169 - May 21, 2013 at 10:45 PM

    In the last seven games Clint was one of the best players on the field (next to Bale). Spurs wouldn’t have had a chance on the last day without him. Given his versatility, I don’t see him being traded. Got to love soccer (football)…you come up short and the answer is always…hey, let’s buy some bigger names. Spurs had a good season. Their only focus should be keeping Bale.

  5. wfjackson3 - May 22, 2013 at 12:43 AM

    I don’t see it AVB has also gushed about Clint and once he started using Clint a little bit more tactically down the stretch his performances really picked up. AVB deployed Deuce in six different positions throughout the season. To make the push in Europe you don’t just need quality, you need depth. I can’t possibly see them shopping Dempsey because he is critical for depth at a minimum, and at a maximum, he is one of the best out and out scorers on the pitch.

  6. midtec2005 - May 22, 2013 at 9:27 AM

    Clint had some injury problems early in the season that made it difficult to settle in. At the end he was doing really well though. This sounds like it’s probably just the mirror being the mirror. Some Tottenham fans didn’t like his playing style so he could do nothing right in their eyes, I bet this Mirror writer is one of them.

  7. tylerbetts - May 22, 2013 at 10:31 AM

    This is not all that surprising. The team finished short of their established goal.

    EVERY player not named Gareth Bale should be available if the right price is offered.

    I’m not a hardcore Spurs fan (though I cheered for them last season, because i wanted to see Dempsey do well), but if I were, I’d be upset if my team wasn’t listening to offers on every non-Bale player. Without the infusion of Champions League cash, the team has to find another revenue stream to bring in players who can nudge them over the top. If that means selling a Dempsey or a Parker or *gasp* even Brad Friedel to open up money to bring in another player that they think will put them over the top, then they should do it. They have that obligation to their supporters.

    I think it’s good that Dempsey will feel this pressure. He needs to fight not just to start at a team competing for Champions League, but he has to fight to make sure he’s viewed as an integral part of their success.

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