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Espanyol fans upset with Barca shirt on the statute of Christopher Columbus

May 23, 2013, 12:07 PM EDT


Controversy out of Barcelona today where fans of RCD Espanyol are livid over the city’s decision to adorn the famous statue of Christopher Columbus with a giant replica of the team’s new shirt design.

The two sides meet this weekend in El Derbi Barceloní. With the Blaugrana already having clinched the La Liga title, the Champions are now setting their sites on equaling Real Madrid’s record mark of 100 points, which the capital side achieved last season. To reach the feet Barca will need to defeat Espanyol at Cornella-El Prat and Malaga at Camp Nou on June 1st.

For 11th place Espanyol, this weekend’s match afforded them little to play for until their neighbors decided to inflame the rivalry. Barcelona’s city council permitted the statute after receiving money from the club as part of a publicity stunt. As part of the deal, the shirt was signed by some of the Barcelona players and is set to remain in place from until June 9th.


The city’s decision to permit Columbus to wear the kit chafes the fans of Los Periquitos, who believe Barca receives far more than their fair share of support from local institutions. Espanyol fan groups, through an official statement, have already said that as a result of the statute they plan to turn their backs and whistle when their team perform the traditional guard of honour to welcome the newly crowned champions on to the pitch.

One Espanyol fan group in particular, @PERICOZ, went so far as to send a Tweet of encouragement to the pigeons of Barcelona to “do what you have to do” on the shoulders of Columbus.

So what do you guys think? Are Espanyol fans serious with this complaint? If so, do they have legitimate beef or is it just sour grapes?

One thing is for sure, it can’t be easy to share a city with the likes of the Catalan giants.

  1. footballlawyer - May 23, 2013 at 1:51 PM

    RT “This comment section is too broad, and is founded on too many assumptions. First of all, Allie Long has speed. She is not playing in her natural position @ Portland. They really need to look into that since she is their best natural midfielder. We obviously all know that Sinclair is not a natural midfielder. That being said, this article (and many others) are fooling themselves thinking that Becky Edwards is USWNT material. That belief shows a serious lack of soccer IQ, and leads to questions about one’s pedigree. Game analysis will prove that Allie Long is the best natural midfielder on Portland FC. Furthermore, Portland FC coach Cindy Cone is quoted as saying that Allie Long deserve a call up. Who are we to believe? Some writers, fans, or those who are assessing talents everyday ON THE PITCH.

    The reality is that many players, including Sauerbrunn were once the victims (yes, victims) of criticism by fans, writers, ignorant coaches, and politics. If this WNT wants to continue to its winning ways, it will have to depart from the old and IN with the new. The fact that Carli Lloyd is getting called in is proof that the OLD is still being used. What is Boxx going to bring this team in the next few years? How much longer can we keep chanting after Rampone? Are we to believe that this country cannot find another center back capable of performing at such a high level were they given the chance these next two years?

    The reality is setting in, and the new USWNT coach better learn from the past. You need to grow this squad, not keep it classic. You need to develop younger players, and release the ones who WERE the future a decade ago or less. The midfield position needs new blood. Bring in the Allie Longs of America. She is fast enough to stand out in the new league, is she not playing against internationals there? Is she not causing USA Soccer legends to urge she get a call up? Who knows better… the writers of this article or bradygazelle? Let’s be serious, Portland FC is winning because of Alex Morgan, Sinclair, and Allie Long. Statistics prove this fact, and Foxhaven will hopefully continue to surge in that ball club.

    As for O’Hara, Ali Krieger is the best outside back. PERIOD. The other outside back should make way for Dunn, it is that simple (provided things continue to develop as they have). O’Hara at midfield and forward is a joke. All it means is that her club coach is desperate, and he is just in that old classic American soccer mindset that “she’s on the National Team!”

    Finally, to those who want to talk about “soccer” (really football), I’d suggest they educate themselves on the evolution of the game. The USWNT needs a true #10. Becky Edwards is NOT a #10. Allie Long is a true #10. Being a true center midfielder requires an innate ability to create spaces that allow you to link up to players, all while controlling the tempo. There is NO OTHER player who has been able to do that for Portland other than ALLIE LONG. That is why everyone is talking about her. Those who talk negatively about her game simply want some track star to run the mid, or they want some seemingly poster child-like figure to get the nod. When reality sinks in, we will all realize that the players of the future are the young ones (Tobin Heath, for example) and the Allie Long types. They bring a quality of play that is RARE, get over yourselves and your cynical takes on these players. Truth is, MAJORITY of you canno outpass them. MAJORITY of you CANNOT link up with your forwards like they do. Seems to me Alex has enjoyed receiving passes from Allie Long that end up in goals for her, PK’s for her, and open looks for her. May I add, Allie Long has scored twice this year for Portland (one was in their friendly vs U of Portland). She is also on the stat sheet for assists. Becky Edwards? None. Let’s ask Alex Morgan who is feeding her every weekend on Portland!


    • nygiantstones - May 23, 2013 at 2:29 PM

      All I can say to footballlawyer is, whahh?

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