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Three head coaches reprimanded by MLS Disciplinary Committee

Jul 3, 2013, 1:35 PM EDT

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Well, oh well. Ryan Nelsen, Ben Olsen and Marco Schällibaum, you are all in trouble.

Varying degrees of trouble that is, but still, they’ve all been sanctioned by Major League Soccer’s Disciplinary Committee following the weekends games.

Olsen’s $2,000 fine for “public criticism of the officials” was pretty straight-forward, after he blew his top in the post-game press conference after D.C. United lost 1-0 to Vancouver following a controversial last-minute penalty kick. So, pretty understandable. More on Olsen’s comments later.

While Ryan Nelsen and Toronto FC were fined an undisclosed amount for “the team’s violation of the League’s mass confrontation policy” after Nelsen’s TFC squad were involved in this huge scuffle — watch here — following a double red card in the 1-0 loss to Real Salt Lake.

Was that worthy of a league fine for Nelsen and his organization?

Finally, Impact head coach Schällibaum and his assistant Philippe Eullaffroy were fined and suspended for one game following the 4-3 defeat to Colorado. The incident in question took place close to Montreal’s bench in the 89th minute, Schällibaum was charged with after he “entered the field of play,” while Eullaffroy “threw the ball at Rapids midfielder Tony Cascio.” You can watch the incident unfold here, as Montreal’s coaches lost their cool.

One thing really stood out to me, is that Olsen and Schällibaum have not been disciplined for the first-time this season. But instead of handing out paltry fines or one game bans, shouldn’t the fines be heavier to try and stop these incident from occurring time after time?

Nelsen and his staff have previously been warned about the “league’s mass confrontation policy” and was also in the wrong. But the MLS Disciplinary Committee is handing bans and fines out, but it seems like noting more than an afterthought at times. With a suspension every week almost needed to justify its existence.

I’m not saying the guys at the Professional Referees Organization (PRO) aren’t doing a good job. Because they are. But maybe more scrutiny on plays on the field should be happening instead of dragging head coaches into the fray.

Back to Olsen’s quotes: “It’s a joke. We get the same clown show every weekend,” Olsen said. “‘They all even out, they all even out.’ [Expletive]. They don’t even out. Not this year they haven’t.” Watch it in full below and decide if you can find a better way to spend $2,000… Olsen certainly let off a lot of steam in this one.

  1. talgrath - Jul 3, 2013 at 3:58 PM

    If I’m Ben Olsen, I’d say that’s money well lost, because he’s right. MLS referees are absolutely atrocious and it needs to change, players are getting injured by players repeatedly fouling who don’t get cards, but then mystifing yellow cards or red cards are given out for seemingly minor infractions. Calls and non-calls in the box are routinely wrong in every damn game; I could flip a coin and it would be more accurate than MLS referees when it comes to penalty kicks.

  2. bobinkc - Jul 3, 2013 at 4:13 PM

    Without see the entire Toronto/RSL game, I would hazard a guess that the center ref never had control of this game from the opening kick. Normally, teams will play a clean, low-foul game if the center ref takes charge early and then keeps his grip with judicious use of the whistle and cards. If the ref lets the “no blood, no foul” philosophy start early, this is the kind of garbage you wind up with. Either that or players start getting hurt in plays that should be carded.

    I agree with talgrath that MLS has the most atrocious reffing in the world (unless you want to count some of the World Cup refs). I don’t know how one would go about it, but maybe some of the refs should be fined for pitiful games.

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