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A few words on Liverpool and Luis Suarez’ transfer value

Jul 22, 2013, 9:46 AM EDT

Liverpool FC Press Conference Getty Images

So what is Luis Suarez’ value at Liverpool?

The exact number remains very much unclear. But according to Reds manager Brendan Rodgers, no one has offered anything close to the striker’s value.

When asked if he expected Suarez to be at the club this season, Rodgers answered, “Yes, very much so.” The manager continued:

There’s been a lot of speculation over the course of the close season but the reality is that he’s a player who is very much valued at Liverpool and unless there’s any sort of offer that comes in that’s anywhere near his value, there’s nothing to consider.

In other words, the $46 million (£30m) that Arsenal is confirmed to have tabled was not even in Liverpool’s ball-park. And from the sounds of it, the $53.5 million (£35m) improved bid that Arsenal was reported to be making, won’t give Liverpool pause either.

Last week Suarez’s agent, Pere Guardiola, the brother of Bayern manager Pep, put his two cents in the valuation game saying that any clubs interested in his client should make a $61.3 million (£40m) bid, which “would effectively trigger his release.”

If ‘effectively’ triggering a release sounds odd to you, you’re not alone. Release clauses are typically quite straight forward – hit the number and the player is yours. But apparently Liverpool and Guardiola view the subject clause as meaning different things.

For Liverpool, the clause does not trigger a direct release, rather it means that at $61.3 million (£40m) they only have to listen to offers for Suarez. The general consensus is that the club won’t budge on selling the player until a cool $76.6 million (£50m) is laid down on the table.

Which reminds me, it’s worth noting that thus far, only a single club has bid on Suarez: Arsenal.

Bids aside, Suarez has barely even been linked to other clubs. Any buzz regarding his moving to Real Madrid has been from Suarez himself as Los Blancos appear content in re-signing their current supplies and poking holes in the Gareth Bale situation.

The fact that Arsenal is the only club with a demonstrated interest – which conspiracy theorists believe could merely be a ploy to force Madrid’s hand into completing the prolonged deal for striker Gonzalo Higuain – is quite significant.

To buy Suarez the Gunners would not only have to break their own transfer record, they’d have to absolutely demolish it. The record fee the North London club has paid out is a paltry $23 million (£15m), paid for Andrei Arshavin in 2009.

The idea that monetarily and socially conservative Arsenal would smash that record by an amount between $38.3 million and $53.6 million for a player of questionable moral standing is, well, preposterous.

Bottom line, Luis Suarez is staying at Liverpool.


  1. bizzmeister - Jul 22, 2013 at 11:46 AM

    I dont think he’s staying at liverpool. I really dont think he will at all. He wants champions league football. i wish he would stay but the man deserves to be at one of the best teams in the world RIGHT NOW, ‘pool just isnt there yet. If he goes, I could care less where he ends up unless its a Barca/Arsenal/Man U , anywhere but those teams!

    If by any chance he stayed, we would need another world class player ( 2 more likely ) to make things happen this year with a non CL liverpool team.

    Will we be able to capture anyone of that calibur who should be in the CL but will settle for non CL football with Liverpool with the promise of finishing in the almighty top 4 this year ?

  2. dfstell - Jul 22, 2013 at 4:02 PM

    I think Liverpool is going to have a hard time getting anything close to 50MM pounds. That’s an insane amount of money for someone with his track record. Nobody doubts the talent, but it’s reasonable to question whether he’ll be able to play a whole season because of his personality problems.

    Compare him to someone like Rooney. There’s guy where nobody doubts that basic talent, but wonders if he will dedicate himself to being fit enough to play up to his talent. It looks like if United sell Rooney, they’ll get 25-30MM for him. Why would Suarez be 2X that?

    • lfcrising - Jul 22, 2013 at 5:17 PM

      I agree with your point. However, it’s simple supply and demand. There are few world class strikers around. I’m biased but Suarez, right now, is in the top echelon. Napoli/PSG set the market for what clubs will get/pay for those players regardless of how stupid the market is. I very much doubt a club is wiling to come up with 50M or something close for the reasons you list. Doesn’t mean LFC have to sell him for less. He’s viewed as the centerpiece to the club’s ambitions. Plus, with an aging Gerrard, he is a showpiece or attraction, if you will, for the future.

      Rooney has become a role player/surplus at United. He’s also damaged goods. Difference may come from WR’s transfer request and/or Man Utd’s willingness to sell. LFC aren’t willing to sell so a bid has to meet valuation. MUFC are supposedly wiling to sell so the price is depressed.

  3. jessedinner - Jul 23, 2013 at 6:01 PM

    Well Napoli are on “the verge” of signing Higuain so we will see what happens with Suarez. I am surprised with little interest from other clubs but then again im surprised more powerhouse rich clubs haven’t gone after Bale, Fellaini and other blokes. As always the transfer market is wayyy beyong me.

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