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Advice to Spurs: Sell Bale and take the money

Aug 1, 2013, 5:33 PM EDT

Tottenham Hotspur's Bale reacts during their English Premier League soccer match against Sunderland in London Reuters

Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy is messing around, and it’s hurting his team.

With every journalist known to man reporting that Real Madrid are ready, willing, and able to pay Tottenham Hotspur to pair Gareth Bale alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, Spurs have found their spark.

The club has missed out on the Champions League just barely – and I mean just barely – the last two seasons.  They need to do something to get them over the hump.

With Gareth Bale’s bursting onto the superstar scene, many believed he would lead them to the Champions League and beyond.  That didn’t happen.

As much as Bale did last year, the lesson should have been learned by Levy that Bale is just one player, and can only do so much – even if that is 21 league goals.

The fact that Real Madrid are willing to pay such a high sum of money for just one player is a whole other topic, but with them apparently digging into their pockets for a massive wad of cash, it’s Levy’s chance to make his squad much better.

And yet he’s simply refusing to cooperate.

He is refusing acknowledge the bid from Real Madrid, and with Gareth Bale’s head turned by the club that wants him so badly, Levy won’t even chat with his player. It’s a whole lot of nothing from the chairman as the world continues to turn around him.

Madrid director of football Zinedine Zidane has vowed not to quit, which pretty much hands Levy all the leverage. But eventually, enough will be enough.

If that time comes, all Levy will be left with is a frustrated and angry Gareth Bale who doesn’t want to play anymore.  His contract doesn’t expire until 2016, so there’s no worry that he’ll leave on a free, but you can be sure he doesn’t want to play at White Hart Lane anymore.

It’s Luka Modric all over again.  If you remember, Spurs were essentially forced to sell the Croatian central midfielder to Real when Modric all but stopped caring at White Hart Lane and became a shell of his former self. After a host of rumors for years the sale was completed quite unceremoniously.

What Levy can’t see is that as world-class as Gareth Bale is, £100 million ($151 million) is way way better.

You could purchase an entire Europa League squad with that kind of money.  And with the players already in place, a few top-class signings with that money would do the trick.

$151 million could buy you: the Premier League top-scorer in Robin van Persie, Angel Di Maria who Spurs have coveted, another Jan Vertonghnen who performed so well last season in defense, and have about $40 million left over for wages, if not more.

You get the point.  There’s about a thousand combinations that would work for Spurs.  But there’s not much time left in the window to make the Bale sale and turn the money around to better the club.

Real are ready. Bale is ready. The only thing they need now is for Daniel Levy to wake up and smell the coffee.

  1. lorenzo463 - Aug 1, 2013 at 6:32 PM

    What money? If Real wants to quit joking around with overinflated contracts and offer a huge wad of cash, Spurs will listen. Instead, they throw two contracts they want to be rid of onto a smaller pile of cash, claim that it is a huge offer, and create a toxic wedge between Bale and Spurs. It’s a foul tactic, and I don’t blame Levy for holding out.

    • mikeevergreen - Aug 1, 2013 at 9:02 PM

      What Levy should do is offer Real $100 million for Cristiano Ronaldo. Turn the tables. Message: Bale and CR7 only pair if they’re playing in London.

  2. johnber500 - Aug 1, 2013 at 6:56 PM

    Er… according to bbc sport, tranfer window closes on 2nd September, that is quite a long time.

  3. danxp2 - Aug 1, 2013 at 7:32 PM


    Yes the window closes in a month but the Prem starts August 17th, the old truism is that you can’t win the league by October but you sure can lose it. The idea is that a bad start can kill a season and with transfer speculation hanging over spurs would be a bad thing.

    @lorenzo463 fair enough straight cash sale just like Ronaldo was or not at all.

  4. dustpart1cle - Aug 1, 2013 at 7:32 PM

    What is the official offer? I have not seen or heard of one, its all just guess work…the only facts are that Bale is in contract negotiations with Bale.
    The amount changes on a daily basis. Real do NOT have the money, the only reason this started again was because the fans were upset and chanting Bales name at every other new signings press conference, like isco’s.

    I’m sure Perez will say, “We tried, but its Levy’s fault, we tried, Bale wants to come! honest! he just hasn’t put in a written request because eerrrr….umm….because Levy took his computer and pen away thats why! We’ll try again in January”. Perez is pulling a Wenger and Ivan the Terrible…LOL…pacifying fans and then nothing.

    Anyone else remember the same journalists stories about AVB at the beginning of last years season ‘Spurs in disarray’, ‘AVB is at it again’, Warren Barton and Wynalda even professed it as truth OnAir sayingit was CFC 2.0 all along it turns out that was absolute rubbish..and in his first season, after loosing Luka managed Our record points total in the BPL.

    How Sky can own a sportsnews station, exclusive coverage of the league and SkyBet is beyond me, manipulate a story inflate a price get people betting….its unethical…

    Examine the facts…2 weeks before this all kicked off again Bale had come out and said how happy he was to be working with AVB again. Real Madrid’s tactics are completely disrespectful. You have one chance Bale thats it…just one to join the amazing Real Madrid.(wah)

    The real story should be about how Real can afford it, they still owe 10m for Modric, have spent 80m + euro’s on 3 players and thats not including their wages or the 40m euros a year Ronaldo wants to sign a new deal. They don’t have the £100m +upfront it would take. Either put up the cash with an official or sit back down, get back to preseason and focus on the 6 games in la liga that mean something and the 8-10 games in the UCL.

    The real story is the sham behind Madrid. They are bank rolled by Santander, who are in receipt of EU bail out money….If Levy takes a payment plan and it all goes Greece what happens?

    We send over the bailiffs get Bale back until they can pay it off? Cash upfront baby!

    The duopoly of la liga, how those two big clubs are destroying the others, have you seen who Valencia have had to sell in the past 5 years? Seriously, unreal talent they could have kept, if the league wasn’t a Duopoly and had revenue sharing plan like the BPL…

    Anyways…either be ‘Galacticos’ and offer all the cash upfront..or go way!


  5. jaxhotspur11 - Aug 1, 2013 at 9:02 PM

    The real story in the Bale saga is how the press are carrying Real Putrid’s water. The journos are being manipulated and either 1) they know it but have no integrity, or 2) they are lazy and incompetent. Actually probably both.

    A real journalist would investigate the galactico’s underhanded tacticos and expose them for the unethical bullies that they are. DO YOUR JOB, you spineless loafers, and stand up to the spoiled brats of Madrid who believe the end justifies the means.

  6. hjworton46 - Aug 2, 2013 at 2:29 AM

    This ludicrous transfer saga – and those many like it before – are why I’ve lost all interest in soccer.

  7. tackledummy1505 - Aug 2, 2013 at 3:41 AM

    Maybe Daniel Levy will say yes but he’s afraid they won’t pay up lol. Since the Spanish League has been known not to cover their paychecks to their own players lol

  8. clevertrevor1 - Aug 2, 2013 at 9:49 AM

    Over a 5 year contract Bale is easily worth £85m, with £35m a year from likely CL qualification alone. Add to that sponsorship and promotion of club brand. Hewlett Packard have their logo on the front of FIFA 14 game sold worldwide, on a massive free billboard in Times Square, on BT adverts broadcast nationwide and in magazines and newspapers all over Europe on a daily basis. Not to mention all over YouTube. You can bet if he stayed at Spurs HP would get outbid on the next shirt deal, and other club sponsorship would flood in. He has a squeeky clean, wholesome image and an exciting game which makes him the most marketable player since Beckham. That is his worth to Spurs, Levy knows it and that’s why he wants silly money.

    In addition, Spurs could not make the money work for them now without CL football. No point offering fortunes for a player who will only play for a CL club. Keep the player for another year, most probably (after the £50m on players spent so far, Arsenal who beat Spurs by one point last year have spent £0) qualify for CL and then sell. He has improved year on year so no reason to think he will suddenly get worse this season.

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