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Important things to know about Saturday’s Houston Dynamo win over Seattle Sounders

Aug 17, 2013, 11:25 PM EDT

Giles Barnes 2
  • Remember where we tried to tell you that Clint Dempsey could do a lot of things, but he won’t be able to improve a Sounders defense that is average at best? Well … we saw a bunch of that “average at best” at work Saturday at BBVA Compass Stadium, where space opened up on both sides for a combined for 35 shots. The Sounders had their chances. But my, oh my, the Dynamo had its chances, too. The Sounders defense was a real mess, especially in the first half.
  • Clint Dempsey started and went the full 90 minutes for Seattle – no small task considering the typical heat and humidity of South Texas. The Sounders new DP played well enough, creating some chances and finding shooting spots here and there in a match that was Wild West wide open. And yet, two matches in, Dempsey remains on the hunt for his first goal or assist. Maybe that’s next week in the huge-and-getting-huger Cascadia match against Portland.
  • Giles Barnes (pictured) supplied the first two Dynamo goals, including an absolute crackerjack from about 35 yards. So, maybe Juan Agudelo has a little competition for Goal of the Week, after all. See the video below. Prepare to be impressed.
  • Houston’s Ricardo Clark left in the first half, and that’s potentially terrible news for Houston, which is in the middle of that big pile-up for playoff spots in the East. Clark covers so much ground and wins so many balls with those long legs. Houston has midfield cover, but no one with Clark’s combined skills set.
  • Yes, Seattle has some games in hand, which makes it easier to see Dempsey and the Sounders making their way into the 2013 playoffs. On the other hand, the Sounders’ last four victories have all been against awful teams. Last Sounders win against a team currently in playoff position: June 8 against Vancouver.


  1. mrpaisley - Aug 17, 2013 at 11:42 PM

    More important stuff

    – when’s the last time all three of Seattle’s DPs have EVER been on the field at once? For *$(@ sake they’ll make playoffs. MIGHT not make supporter’s shield, but they’ll make the playoffs, we’ll see how far they go.

    – also: See – “Eddie Johnson”, I don’t remember much about him but I hear he’s kind of important…

  2. weremoose10 - Aug 18, 2013 at 1:07 AM

    This is the exact time where the Dynamo always seem to ramp up their game down the stretch. It’s clockwork.

  3. lyleoross - Aug 18, 2013 at 1:18 PM

    Went to this game and while I enjoyed this it, gawd was that awful. Dempsey, while very skilled, looked one off in terms of effort. He also took advantage of his reputation to get several “oh look how hard they hit me” calls. Pathetic! That said, man his ball skills are one up on the rest of MLS.

    The referees weren’t just bad, they were positively criminal. Offside calls were all over the place, basically, they felt random. As I mentioned above, Dempsey was getting some woeful calls in his favor, and there seemed to be plenty of that. In the second half there was a play where Yedlin rode Boniek to the ground. He grabbed his jersey on the shoulder and pulled him down over about a 15 yard run directly in front of the AR, and they gave the free kick to Seattle. It was really really weak.

    Now, to play, how in the world you miss three open field headers within the penalty box is beyond me. It ain’t just Seattle’s defense that stinks. And of course, their defense did stink, two of the Dynamo goals were ping pongesque and should have been cleared.

    Of course, Seattle may have been what the Dynamo need. They’ve looked afraid to shoot for over a month now, looking for perfect shots instead of creating them. Seattle was so open they had to shoot, and even still, it was average at best.

    The Dynamo looked better, but they need to finish.

    Clark looked like a head injury. He had no trouble with his legs or feet, but looked slow and dazed as he walked off the pitch. Seattle was throwing a lot of elbows and I’m betting he caught one.

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