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FC Dallas vs. San Jose had it all: Four goals, three red cards, a comeback and questionable officiating

Aug 25, 2013, 9:40 AM EDT

FC Dallas v San Jose Earthquakes Getty Images

Two old foes in Major League Soccer’s Western conference when head-to-head on Saturday. Man, it got ugly in the final 10 minutes.

FC Dallas and the San Jose Earthquakes played out a hugely entertaining game in front of nearly 15,000 in Frisco, Texas.

San Jose raced into a two goal lead after 15 minutes, but Dallas came fighting back to tie the game at 2-2 and snatch a point. However the decisive 69th minute penalty given for a supposed fall by Bernardez on Blas Perez was laughable and the San Jose bench have every right to feel adjudged as Michel stepped up to seal a point for FCD.

But then the game broke out into a prolonged scuffle for the final period, as San Jose had Justin Morrow and Bernardez sent off and Dallas striker Kenny Cooper uncharacteristically lost the plot. Plenty of MLS fans are pointing towards referee Baldomero Toledo for losing his cool and brandishing red cards willy-nilly. They’ve got a point.

Let’s use video to break down the three red cards in the games final ten minutes, watch the highlights here as Morrow is sent off.

Firstly, this can only be described as a cynical foul by Justin Morrow in the 81st minute. Ramon Nunez is fast, we all know that. But Morrow was caught napping and this was all he could do to try and stop the speedy Honduran winger. This scything tackle deserved a red.

Then watch here as Bernardez clipped Cooper and the big American striker had just about enough of San Jose’s physical tactics for one game. Watch on in disbelief as Cooper pushes Bernardez to the ground in the 86th minute, pins him down and tells him exactly what he thinks. A moment of madness that somehow saw both men sent off. Surely a yellow card for both would have been the correct decision?

That’s just my view. Watch it all again below.

  1. socamr - Aug 25, 2013 at 11:33 AM

    Toledo blew the PK call, but the three red cards were spot on: Bernadez gives Cooper a little stomp in the back when he’s down and Cooper responds by knocking him over. I wish more MLS refs would have the courage to make calls like these.

  2. bradygazelle - Aug 25, 2013 at 12:43 PM

    I wish MLS would suspend Perez retroactively for that crap flop.

    I agree with all three reds. That tackle on Nunez could have ended nasty, and as mentioned the Cooper incident was a definite double red. Good work from the AR on that one!

  3. mrstev - Aug 26, 2013 at 3:42 AM

    I’m not sure what you guys are smoking (but I’d like some of that shit) or what game you watched. Its clear you all live around the Dallas metroplex.
    The referee makes exactly 5 big decisions here that alter the outcome of the game:
    1. Clear cut penalty on Wondo not called. Probably because the ref was so far out of position he couldn’t see that far.
    2. Penalty call on the blatant dive by Perez. Resulting in a goal.
    3. Red card to Morrow. For what? A cynical, professional foul that gets a yellow card at best every day in every game played. Why red? Simply not needed.
    4. Red card to Cooper. The only big call he actually got right.
    5. Red card to Bernardez. Why? I’ve watched the replay at least six times. There’s no stomp in back as Socamr suggests in previous post. Bernardez actually appears to take the ball cleanly. In any case, he did absolutely nothing worthy of even a yellow card.

    When does the league step up and start holding the referees accountable for astoundingly poor performances?
    MLS will never gain respect outside the US when it can’t even gain respect from the people who are trying so hard to be fans. Not when clowns like Baldomero Toledo are are in charge of the games.

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