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With Bob Bradley’s future uncertain, should the ‘American Pharaoh’ return to MLS?

Oct 16, 2013, 1:15 PM EDT


Following the 6-1 demolition of Egypt by Ghana on Tuesday, rumors surrounding the future of Bob Bradley have been doing the rounds.

Bradley, 55, is still the coach of the Egyptian national team as multiple sources have confirmed, however how much longer that lasts is another story entirely.

On Wednesday the Egyptian FA released a statement on its website stating that a meeting would be held on Monday Oct. 21 to discuss the fallout from Egypt’s embarrassing playoff loss away from home. That sounds pretty ominous for the man many have dubbed the ‘American Pharaoh’ and it seems as though his time in the turbulent North African nation could be coming to a premature end.

But what next for Bradley?

Well, it’s not like he’ll have a shortage of options after the stellar job he’s done so far for Egypt. The 6-1 pummeling by Ghana aside, he led the troubled country to a 100 percent record in the group stages of CAF qualifying as the only nation in the world go through WC qualifying winning every game. So, Bradley deserves a huge amount of credit for handling the situation in Egypt and turning a struggling nation into a side that can at least dream of World Cup qualification once more.

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The turmoil hasn’t made life easy, as the Port Said disaster coupled with the Egyptian uprising and revolution has seen Bradley and his squad working in uncertain circumstances without a national league for most of his tenure. Perhaps all of that pressure and stress put on Bradley and the Egyptian people amongst all the troubles proved too much against Ghana on Tuesday. It will take a miracle to turn around that heavy first-leg defeat next month. But I think Egypt owes Bradley and if he wants to give it one more shot and go out in a blaze of glory in the first soccer match staged in Cairo for almost two years, despite Ghana’s protests, then he should be allowed to do that.

A match in Cairo in November will give Egypt a chance to say thanks to the ‘American Pharaoh’ and vice versa.


Often under-appreciated in MLS and with the USMNT, is now the right time for Bradley to make a heroic return to the USA?

Bradley has revitalized a soccer nation desperate for success, and in turn his relative success has helped rebuild his status as a top international coach after being knocked out of the 2010 World Cup to, you guessed it, Ghana With the brilliant job he’s done with Egypt, other national teams in need of a rebuild or smaller clubs in Europe may be sniffing around Bradley.

But I think now is a good time for him to return to MLS.

Could Chivas USA use the expertise and calmness of their old coach? Definitely. And let’s face it, despite all the uproar and misgivings at Chivas, Bradley’s now used to handling much more pressure and craziness in Egypt. With another of his old MLS teams, Chicago Fire, desperate to return to former glories, could Bradley return to move Frank Klopas’ side to the next level? Perhaps. And in reality, almost every MLS teams and their fans would love to see Bradley back in the U.S. coaching.

After all the bad things written and said about Bradley towards the end of his stint as USMNT head coach, now U.S. fans are desperate for him to succeed in Egypt or wherever he ends up. His status as a top American soccer coach has returned.

Now it’s time he returned home, to MLS.

  1. danielofthedale - Oct 16, 2013 at 1:33 PM

    Now don’t get me wrong, I would love to see Bob back coaching in MLS if for no other reason than the ability of MLS coaching would go up but I think he could still find some better opportunities abroad. I would think one of the better African National teams could give him a lot or an equal level Asian side. Maybe there is a chance to get into the European Club game with second division side that could have a chance at promotion in one of the bigger leagues in Europe. I think he could help open more doors to American coaches if he continued to blaze a trail abroad. But if he decided to come back to MLS I will be happy for him too.

  2. notaretard - Oct 16, 2013 at 2:11 PM

    he should definitely come back…if he wants to kill his career and make sure he never gets the chance to coach in europe. if his goal is furthering his career and becoming the first american to manage a big team in europe, he needs to stay with an international team or move to a league in eruope, even one of the smaller ones. say what you will about the MLS and yes, it’s improved greatly in recent years, but it still doesn’t command respect from the rest of the world

  3. braxtonrob - Oct 16, 2013 at 7:01 PM

    For me, his “status as a top American soccer coach” has ALWAYS been his “status”.

    I liked the hiring of Klinsmann, but I’ve always held Bradley in pretty much the same esteem I hold Bruce Arena – high.

  4. futbolhistorian - Oct 17, 2013 at 11:13 AM

    It would be the first time in two years that they would play in Cairo, the city. Not Egypt, the country, as was incorrectly stated in the story.

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