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Sounders coach Sigi Schmid sounds a bit defensive

Oct 22, 2013, 6:22 PM EDT

Seattle Sounders manager let the sarcasm and snark fly Tuesday as he defended his team – and presumably himself.

Thanks to The Seattle Times writer/blogger Joshua Mayers for Tweeting out Schmid’s remarks. Mayers remarked that Schmid didn’t even allow the first question to be asked by a gathering of reporters before launching his defense:

I want to apologize that we didn’t win five in a row at the end of the season to make the playoffs. I know [you are] only considered a playoff team if you win five in a row, but I’d rather be in the playoffs than be in San Jose’s shoes, where they win a lot of games at the end and they don’t make the playoffs. To make the playoffs, you have to get points at some point in the season. We got our points in the middle of the season. We didn’t start off well early, we haven’t so far finished well. But at the end of the day, we got enough points to get into the playoffs.”

Schmid  is clearly feeling the proverbial hot stuff. And there’s more going on here than just Seattle’s late-season collapse itself; the team has lost four in a row and is winless in its last six.

Schmid’s remarks come a day after owner Joe Roth’s odd, uh, “defense” of his manager. On the one hand, Roth made it quite clear to’s Grant Wahl that he wasn’t happy about the team’s surprising conk out toward regular season’s end. “No excuses,” Roth told Wahl. “Every team has injuries and national team call-ups. We haven’t got it done.”

But then he said it wasn’t Schmid’s fault.

So … it’s … uh … I dunno … the beer vendors’ fault? Or is it Drew Carey’s fault?

Just having some fun here.

Again, courtesy of Mayers – that dude is seriously on the ball – Sounders general manager Adrian Hanauer offered a slightly more detailed spin of the blame wheel:  “I do agree with Joe. If we’re placing blame, there’s plenty to go around, from Joe and Adrian as owners — I gave you the list — to Adrian as general manager and his team of scouts and getting the players, coaching, medical, sports science, players, staff, business side. We can go down the list, and everybody can do a little bit better. And again, in the offseason, that’s our job — to figure out where we can optimize and tweak and get better and hopefully avoid some of the inconsistencies.”

So, back to Schmid’s sarcastic rant … one that, if we’re being honest, fans probably don’t want to hear. While he correct about points being points, he sounds a bit tone deaf and even dismissive of fans’ legitimate concern here.

  1. perrinbar - Oct 22, 2013 at 6:30 PM

    Well, as one of those fans, I’m with him and Adrian. I find it hard to firstly fault him for getting the team to the playoffs, even in a slump, and secondly to fault him for the roster construction that seemingly was going to rely on a top heavy starting XI. I think there is more blame to be laid at the feet of whoever designed the roster and rolled the dice that there wouldn’t be injuries.

    • SD1 Timbers Special Forces - Oct 22, 2013 at 6:35 PM

      I would put this on Hanauer as GM. I don’t think Sigi wanted Dempsey, but the FO had the money, had the chance and took it. Leaving Sigi to fit the pieces together after the fact. And I don’t think puzzles are his forte.

      Did they really need Dempsey? No.
      Did they have the money? Yes.

  2. overtherepermanently - Oct 22, 2013 at 8:10 PM

    I think this Sounders team was always going to have problems, as they are heavy on flash, but poorly constructed. The midfield is a jumble with poorly defined roles, and the defense is one of the weaker in the playoffs. They spent a lot of money on attack, but never really hit paydirt on some of the middle class players in the back. That being said, in the current playoff format, they do have the firepower to go on a tear and grab the Cup. That wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

  3. hildezero - Oct 22, 2013 at 9:14 PM

    @SD1 Timbers Special Forces,

    Sigi might of never thought about getting Deuce, but he was in on it when Seattle’s front office asked Sigi, if he was interested of having him. Which he said, “of course”.

  4. geojock - Oct 23, 2013 at 10:28 AM

    In the end, fans really don’t care about the past; they really just care about the future. But we cant predict the future, so we look to the past for help, which doesn’t look good for Seattle. Long story short, win in the playoffs and all is good.

  5. talgrath - Oct 23, 2013 at 3:38 PM

    Here’s why fans are concerned Sigi, we like you, we really do, but it seems like at least once a year the Sounders have a bizarre collapse. The Sounders are cruising, then they get beaten 4-0 or some other ridiculous number, frequently in the playoffs. The Sounders have a stacked roster of talent at your disposal, even the back-ups are talented (by MLS standards), there’s enough forward firepower to bury most teams with ease, some great midfielders and a great defensive players (despite how they have looked recently, for most of the year they were very good with 11 clean sheets). So if the Sounders have so much talent on paper, why the sudden collapse? Why the weird losses by massive amounts throughout the season? You can’t just blame it on injuries and national team call-ups, the LA Galaxy have many of the same problems and they get by just fine. Sigi, the bottom line is this, as much as we love your cantankerous ways, it’s win or find a new job at this point, I think. If the Sounders don’t win the west and at least get to the MLS cup, I think management will be looking for a new coach, sorry Sigi.

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