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David Beckham talks about Miami expansion … kind of

Oct 30, 2013, 6:19 PM EDT

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When discussing reports David Beckham had chosen Miami as the location for his MLS franchise, league executive VP Dan Courtemache told our Steve Davis, “it is more appropriate for David Beckham to comment on his plans.”

Cue Mr. Beckham, who spoke during a Facebook broadcast to his followers on Wednesday.

“I’m passionate about staying in football and being an owner of a team is something I’m passionate about,” Beckham said while promoting his new book.

“Miami is one of the places we looked at, and we’ve looked at others too.”

So there you have it: Nothing new. Even if all indications are Miami’s going to get his Royal Beckhamness, nobody can go on record. Yet.

Thankfully, Beckham didn’t spend his whole appearance discussing issues he couldn’t talk about.

On comments made about him in Alex Ferguson’s recent book:

“I’m not going to sit here and be negative about a man who gave me a chance to play for my boyhood team, who I always dreamed of playing for,” said Beckham, who won six Premier League titles and one Uefa Champions League under Ferguson.

“He believed in me and believed in the rest of the young lads who came through this with us.

“The funny thing was I’m involved in the MLS and bringing my own franchise into the league and actually he was one of the first in my phone book to contact as the manager!”

On the potential for him to go into coaching:

“You should never say never, because something may happen in 10 years’ time which may make me think I should be a manager but I don’t think so,” he explained.

“It’s not something I’m really passionate about. To do something well you have to be passionate about it. I love coaching kids — my own kids and other kids too — but management is something that does not float my boat.”

  1. pinstripedog - Oct 30, 2013 at 6:34 PM

    This is ridiculous.

    Why did Beckham’s last contract with the Galaxy include a clause for Beckham to get a MLS team at a discounted rate? First of all, how in the world does the Galaxy get to give that deal? I mean I know MLS is still single entity but this is ridiculous. As if his giant salary wasn’t enough they had to throw in a MLS team? Why not just a percentage of the Galaxy? Why compromise the league like this?

    Also the problem, besides the fact that the league will lose millions (isn’t the expansion fee normally 100 million?) is that if Beckham wants to have his team in Miami, and the league doesn’t think Miami is a good location for whatever reason, does that mean they have the backbone to say “NO” to Beckham? Or are they going to grovel and let Beckham walk all over them like they usually do.

    Because remember, MLS Orlando is all ready to go. So you have a new Florida MLS franchise, now all of a sudden we have two? And in Miami, a place where after getting fleeced by Jeffrey Luria over the Marlins stadium they’re going to be very hostile to the idea of ANY financial assistance for a MLS team?

    This has disaster all over it.

    • dws110 - Oct 30, 2013 at 7:22 PM

      I thought Beckham’s contract was with MLS (single-entity overlord), not the Galaxy, and it was part of the deal MLS made to bring him here. If I remember right, according to Grant Wahl’s book, it was a big part of the deal on his end.

      The normal franchise fee is nowhere near $100 million, that’s just what NYCFC cost because New York. Seattle paid $30 million, Portland paid $32-34 million, Montreal was $40 million.

      MLS knows good and well that they’ve more than made up the difference in a “standard” franchise cost by merchandising brand Beckham. How many Beckham shirts did MLS sell? How many extra fans came to see LA play in Columbus, or KC, or Dallas, because Beckham was there? The Galaxy themselves wouldn’t have sold half the seats they did if Goldenballs wasn’t in town.

  2. dws110 - Oct 30, 2013 at 7:25 PM

    Awesome article from Graham Parker in the Guardian: “David Beckham to Miami? It must be MLS playoffs time”

  3. hildezero - Oct 30, 2013 at 8:57 PM

    Really? So he grew up in London, but had Man. Utd. As his boyhood club? Damn…

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