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Prindi’s Premier League Picks: Southampton and Arsenal to stumble

Nov 1, 2013, 12:00 PM EDT


In case you didn’t notice, this weekend’s Premier League fixture list is positively bonkers.

The excitement kicks-off first thing Saturday with Newcastle v. Chelsea and continues straight through to the final match of the day when Liverpool try to dethrone Arsenal.

On Sunday, Everton and Tottenham serve as a tasty appetizer for the much-anticipated South Wales derby between Cardiff City and Swansea City.

So strap on in, it’s going to be a wild one.

Here’s how I have it all shaking out.


Hull City v. Sunderland (Sat 11:00am ET on Live Extra; KC Stadium)

How on earth Jozy Altidore has gone eight matches without scoring is beyond comprehension. He’s working hard, come agonizingly close to scoring on numerous occasions and is linking up well with his teammates.

It’s cliché to say it but the man has simply been unlucky.

But this weekend, the fluke ends. I’m calling it now, Jozy breaks his duck before the halftime whistle blows and Sunderland march on to steal all three points from the rugby field that is the KC Stadium.

Write it down. Take it to the bank. Cash it.

Sunderland 1 Hull City 0


Sam Allardyce, shortly after being told the cupboard is empty.

West Ham United v. Aston Villa (Sat 11:00am ET on Live Extra; Upton Park)

When asked for the team news on Thursday morning, West Ham manager Sam Allardyce responded: “[We have] quite a big problem in terms of numbers. We’re very short of first team squad players available for Saturday so it’s about getting on with the job and using the players we’ve got available.”

Translation: ‘Well, we’re basically screwed but maybe the scrubs can put something together.

Way to motivate the troops, Big Sam.

To be fair, it has to be difficult to shout instructions with a  mouth full of peanut butter.

West Ham 1 Aston Villa 2

Stoke City v. Southampton (Sat 11:00am ET on Live Extra; Britannia Stadium)

Southampton have shown they can knock-off top teams (Liverpool), equalize when losing to Champions (Manchester United) and wipe the floor with bottom dwellers (Crystal Palace, Fulham). But can they go into the depths of mortar and snatch three points from the frothing jaws of a Stoke City side with their back to the relegation wall?

Make no mistake about it, there will be blood. And in the end I think the Potters prevail and the Saints come crashing back to earth. You heard you.

Stoke City 1 Southampton 0

Arsenal v. Liverpool (Sat 1:30pm ET on NBC; Emirates Stadium)

Ultimately, this one feels like a 1-1 draw. But calling for a draw here is about as safe and boring as ordering the pad thai while on holiday in Bangkok. Philippe Coutinho is in, Mathieu Flamini is out and for me, that’s the difference maker in this one. For a full match report, click here.

Arsenal 1 Liverpool 2 


Manchester City v. Norwich City (Sat 11:00am ET on Live Extra; Etihad Stadium)

After getting ‘Nando’d by Chelsea last weekend it’s safe to say that Manchester City is poised to dole out one of those quintessential bounce-back punishments they’re so well known for. Sadly, those sweet, loveable Canaries find themselves in the firing line.

Manchester City 5 Norwich City 0

West Bromwich Albion v. Crystal Palace (Sat 11:00am ET on Live Extra; The Hawthorns)

When it comes to Crystal Palace playing on the road, things are relatively straightforward – they’re going to lose. This is the sad reality of a club promoted to the Premier League one to two years before they were ripe to compete in the top flight.

West Brom 3 Crystal Palace 1


Chicharito bagged a midweek brace against Norwich City, might we see the him Saturday?

Fulham v. Manchester United (Sat 11:00am ET on NBCSN; Craven Cottage)

Has anyone else grown tired of Manchester United?

I have. No offense Red Devils fans, but I need a break. Or a morphine drip. Something to take away the pain that is the current state of the red side of Manchester.

I used to love watching United play but these days the only action coming out of Old Trafford is that whiny, suck-the-fun-out-of-life drama that a drunk ex-lover heaps on you at four in the morning when all you want to do is sleep. Admit it, you’ve been there.

But as much as I want to say Fulham can get a point in this one, I’m merely jaded, not delusional.

Fulham 0 Manchester United 3


Newcastle United v. Chelsea (Sat 8:45am ET on NBCSN; St James’ Park)

Admit it, you were impressed with Chelsea’s victory over Manchester City last week, weren’t you?

Me too. But let’s not get carried away, this Blues squad is still miles away from consistent football and reaching their full potential. It’s their consistency that will be tested early Saturday and don’t be surprised if Jose Mourinho’s men find themselves behind early.

Ultimately I think they figure it out but not without some tense moments before doing so.

Newcastle 2 Chelsea 3

Everton v. Tottenham Hotspur (Sun 8:30am ET on NBCSN; Goodison Park)

Keep it moving. Nothing to see here, folks. Just the dark-horse match of the week hiding its pretty little head behind headline grabbers Arsenal/Liverpool and Cardiff/Swansea.

When these two sides met last year it was a battle royale at Goodison Park with Clint Dempsey‘s second-half opener being cancelled out by injury time strikes by Steven Pienaar and Nikica Jelavic. Having sat in the Gwladys Street end for that match, I can tell you it was positively bananas. Expect the madness to be reborn this year, with the same result.

Everton 2 Tottenham 1

Cardiff City v. Swansea City (Sun 11:00am ET on NBCSN; Cardiff City Stadium)

As you’ve probably heard, this will be the 55th league derby between Cardiff and Swansea but the first one played in the English top-flight and the first ever English top-flight fixture between non-English clubs.

And, as you’ve also probably heard, the last football fan on earth who you ever want to mess with is a drunk Welshman.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

Cardiff City 1 Swansea City 2

  1. hildezero - Nov 1, 2013 at 12:58 PM

    That’ll be crazy if Jozy can get a hat-trick.

  2. billobrienschindimple - Nov 1, 2013 at 2:53 PM

    Finally, ‘Pool picked as a winner in a big game. I’ve been waiting for this day. And I ate Thai for lunch. So yeah, a great post!

  3. darrenbarrington - Nov 1, 2013 at 5:14 PM

    Balls to you Prindi, the only thing bonkers about this is you, Sunderland have had an awful start and I can’t see them even snatching a goal never mind a point 1-0 the tigers, West Ham are very underestimated at home, beware Villa fans this could be the hammers best home win of the season, 4-0 if not 5! If Stoke win I’ll eat my hat if I had one, Saints are the over looked in form side in the Prem, 0-2 with 65% possession. Liverpool and Arsenal will cancel each other out, too many primadonna’s DRAW! 0-0. Canaries with a bite, they’ll scare City early on but I think Aguero and clan will snatch it at the end 2-1.The baggies certainly aren’t as good as last season but this could go either way, I think this could be a win for Palace 1-2. Have Man U woken up yet…….hmmm, every team thinks they can take um and rightly so, it’ll be closer than you think Prindi…..1-2. I really don’t think Chelsea will score 3 at St james or what ever it’s called these days even with Torres in a bit of form, a win will put them top so the pressure’s on, I can see a draw or maybe a late winner for the blues, 1-1? It used to be boring boring Arsenal, grabbing all 3 points with a lot of 1-0 wins but Spurs are getting that tag of late, Everton are complete opposites under Martinez, this will be the match of the day, high score draw 3-3. Being a welsh man myself, you’d be a brave man to predict anything when it comes to these two, absolutely anything could happen and i’m not just talking football, if one chair isn’t ripped up and thrown at the opposing set of fans there must have been free burgers at half time or something, so on that note and trying not to get involved, DRAW written all over it, with one or two red cards! 1-1

    • Mike Prindiville - Nov 1, 2013 at 5:20 PM

      LOVE this comment. Well said, Darren! If it’s one thing this season has shown – anything can happen in the Premier League. And what’s life without taking a chance or two? Enjoy the matches, peeps.

  4. doug325 - Nov 2, 2013 at 1:10 AM

    Southampton losing to Stoke City would be a major upset, as the Saints have the toughest defense in the PL and Stoke City has one of the weakest attacks. I don’t see it, but who knows. Sunderland (and Altidore) have been a bit unlucky this year. They are coming off their first win (in the Tyne-Wear derby no less) of the season. Should be an interesting match.

    As for the marquee match of the week-Arsenal vs. Liverpool, it would not be an upset if Liverpool won. They have two great strikers and this is anyone’s match. I do agree that Liverpool will probably win, but this looks to be a great match

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