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Real Salt Lake manager Jason Kreis sounds like a man about to leave

Dec 7, 2013, 11:05 PM EDT

Portland Timbers v Real Salt Lake - Western Conference Championship - Leg 1 Getty Images

Real Salt Lake Manager Jason Kreis may surprise us all and stick around for yet another season in Utah. He’s got a lot of reasons to stay, starting with an area of the country he and his family love, and a terrific core of players who seem to have plenty of achievement ahead.

But he sure sounds for all the world like a man who just coached his last game at Real Salt Lake, like a young man about to leave home and go off to college, so to speak, out to see what else is out there in the big world.

He has the New York City FC position in pocket – if he wants it, that is. Speculation is high that Kreis will take the job, even though he surely would have preferred to go out a winner. His words and actions in Saturday’s post-game setting do nothing to dissuade those who think the man is gone.

Kreis was quite philosophical about it all, still not answering questions directly about his future, as he has steadfastly refused for weeks now. But as my ProSoccerTalk colleague Richard Farley said it, Kreis seems like a guy who “has already taken all this and put it in a time capsule for himself.”

Kreis talked, for instance, about the hectic last two weeks, about the travel arrangements and family and tickets and all the little hassles that come with a big event like this one. He said he thought those last two weeks were hard.

“But what happens over the next two days is going to be really, really hard,” he said.

That sound like a guy who is about to announce a decision to sign on for another Rio Tinto hitch?

Kreis, typically affable but intense as they come, is someone who does not take losing well. But he was surprisingly tranquil about Saturday’s disappointment in an eventful, exciting match that went 10 rounds into a penalty kick tiebreaker. Disappointed, for sure, but composed and reflective about it all.

He went on and on about how proud he was of the group, how appreciative he was of a season that still looks like some over-achievement, considering some pretty notable roster moves. He almost seemed more melancholy than disappointed.

“I’d be really, really pleased, just over the moon, with all that the group did this year. They over-achieved,” Kreis said. “They proved me wrong, with what I thought, and it’s just been and incredible, incredible year.”

  1. hildezero - Dec 7, 2013 at 11:31 PM

    It’s better for Jason Kreis to move on.

  2. footballer4ever - Dec 8, 2013 at 10:59 AM

    He’s a goner regardless if he had won The MLS Cup or not. RSL not having extended his contract before the season started is simply irresponsible or simply a sign RSL is shopping for another coach at a lower price tag. In the end, Kreis has stablished himself as a solid/reliable coach in which he won a MLS Cup with RSL already. It’s time to move on to bigger challenges and bigger paychecks too :) Thanks Kreis for contributing to the league as a coach and as a previous footballer.

    • mdac1012 - Dec 8, 2013 at 4:20 PM

      The owner of RSL gave an interview a few days ago where he made it pretty clear he wanted Kreis to stay but Kreis did not want to talk contract until after the season. He also said in the same breath that Kreis is a guy who is ambition, extremely talented and coaching in Europe is something he thinks Kreis would be interested in doing one day.

      If Kreis is looking to Europe, making the move to NYCFC is the only move that makes sense.

  3. bellerophon30 - Dec 8, 2013 at 12:06 PM

    I wonder how far, if at all, he is into getting his badges so that he can coach in UEFA. Is it possible that he beats out Brad Friedel to be the first American to coach in the EPL?

  4. footballer4ever - Dec 10, 2013 at 12:08 PM

    “The owner of RSL gave an interview a few days ago where he made it pretty clear he wanted Kreis to stay but Kreis did not want to talk contract until after the season”

    Of course the owner will say that because he won’t want to look as the villain here. There is a timetable to make a business decisions and if RSL failed to offer a contract before the season started just to see how the team would play, then that is not showing faith and/or respect; Therefore, such little business mistake will cause them to lose a great football manager.

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