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The Obligatory José Mourinho: Chelsea boss calls Manchester City lucky; says Citizens should have won more

Feb 2, 2014, 4:18 PM EDT

Mourinho has been bitter ever since losing to Liverpool in the UCL semifinals back in 2005. Getty Images

As if mandated by his contract, José Mourinho has vaulted himself into the headlines ahead of a big game, though given the vociferous way we consume all things Mourinho, the Chelsea boss’s big mouth is only half of this equation. We are talking about him, after all – reflexively writing up the seemingly trollish comments he produces at each glimpse of a microphone.

At this point, we know we shouldn’t take him too seriously, yet we keep listening. We keep reading. We keep clicking, tweeting, retweeting and sharing. We’re nauseatingly addicted to José Mourinho.

One day ahead of the Blues’ Monday match at Manchester City, Mourinho labeled the first place Citizens “fantastic” while also describing them as under-achievers. From the BBC:

“The team is fantastic, the squad is fantastic and normally they [should] win more titles.”

“In Europe they didn’t do well, or close to doing well,” added Mourinho. “Speaking objectively, they did very bad in the Champions League in previous seasons, also in the Europa League.

Mourinho went on to call Manchester City lucky, saying that recent disallowed goals by Liverpool, Newcastle, and Tottenham represent luck that is has not evened out. Again from the BBC:

“They are lucky,” he added. “The referees, they try to do their best and sometimes they make mistakes and normally during the season the mistakes are split between teams.

“In their case, they have everything in their favour.”

Point-by-point, there’s nothing controversial here. You can disagree that City should have won more with their talent, but the club obviously doesn’t. That’s why Roberto Mancini’s currently in Istanbul. The team didn’t do well in Europe under their former boss, but Manuel Pellegrini’s starting to change that. There’s isn’t much to debate.

As for luck, that’s where Mourinho gets a little trolly. Does luck even exist? And if so, does it even out? Even if it does, whose to say Manchester City has been more lucky than most? What Mourinho seems as calls that should have done the other way could merely be a series of coincidental controversies that say little about City’s ability to draw luck. Still, given the nebulous nature of luck, it’s hard to begrudge Mourinho’s opinion without also acknowledging “luck” is something that’s accepted by much of the sports-following public.

It’s the timing of the comments that’s the issue here. Of course Mourinho’s going to be asked about City before a match against the Citizens, but whereas most managers are able to say clear of gibes lie “lucky” or “[should] win more titles” in their pre-match press conferences, Mourinho seems to embrace them.

That’s not necessarily bad. At this point, though, it just seems kind of obligatory – part of a routine that’s getting old. It makes me wonder when we’ll finally reach a point of desensitization and cease this obsession with everything Mourinho.

  1. tonyolekanma - Feb 2, 2014 at 5:18 PM

    The moment of truth has arrived for Jose Mourinho! I’m sure Pellegrini realizes that this is the one game everybody has been waiting for. Manuel should disregard Jose’s mind-games, clinically kick someone’s butt right across the waters to their hometown, where they can go eat their “chihuahua-laced” tortillas.

  2. walterswhites - Feb 3, 2014 at 12:49 AM

    Once again, the “luck” comment has been made. Conveniently, City’s bad luck has been disregarded.

    – Sunderland Larsson’s HORROR tackle on Javi Garcia should have been a straight red, yet no card was shown. Then they score after James Milner is CLEARLY fouled yet wasn’t called (2 points dropped assuming it would have ended in a draw).
    – Alvaro Negredo incorrectly having a goal disallowed due to offside against Newcastle in the first game of the season (No points lost, fortunately, game was in the bag)
    – Aston Villa’s first goal CLEARLY offside. Their 3rd, and game winning, goal was offside as well. (3 points dropped as City were in clear control of the game)
    – Losing to Chelsea by a ridiculous mixup between Hart and Nastasic (reverse luck for Jose! 2 points dropped)

    I count 8 points dropped on BAD luck. But nobody brings that up. I concede that the Sterling offside was the biggest joke of a call I’ve seen in some time. But there are no guarantees that he scores that (although it was likely) or that if he did score the game wouldn’t have ended 5-1 City. You can’t speculate because it’s impossible considering the billion odd permutations the game could have played out in.

    The Newcastle goal was offside. I’m sorry, but if you have to DUCK out of the way, then you’re interfering with the play. Also, the Tottenham offside was correct, Adebayor was offside and he attempted to play the ball, refs got that one right.

    The truth is, you don’t score 115 goals by luck. So, while Jose Moanrinho may be already making excuses as to why his team is going to be dismantled at the Etihad, everyone needs to stop buying the manure that he’s selling.

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