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Robbie Rogers due back to LA Galaxy practice next week

Feb 20, 2014, 6:32 PM EDT

Los Angeles Galaxy new signing midfielder Robbie Rogers poses for the media in Carson Reuters

Look how far we’ve all come in a year. Remember, it was just one short year ago that Robbie Rogers made American sports history.

No matter what the MSM establishment would have you believe, Rogers was the first American professional male athlete in a major sport to reveal publicly that he was gay. It was a big cultural moment.

Now? More and more Rogers is just another player, another man in uniform who has to make his way, whose ability to remain on roster needs earning. At some point, it doesn’t matter whether his name is Robbie Rogers or Roy Rogers or Roger Clemens – he has to earn his way and pay. Period.

Yes, Rogers will always remain a figure of historic relevancy. But he’s got to be a contributing member of the LA Galaxy … or Bruce Arena and Co. will rightly cut their losses, admit that trade (involving Mike Magee, which looks wildly tilted in the Chicago Fire’s favor at this point) was a bust of epic proportions and just move on.

And people like me will be watching like a blogging hawk, simply because Rogers is a figure of historic relevancy. This isn’t some B-list winger trying to make his way at New York or New England … this is Robbie Rogers!

And we start watching more closely next week, apparently.

That’s because Rogers is due back to Galaxy practice next week, according to Arena. He has been absent for most of the preseason.

By the way, Todd Dunivant is also due back next week.  I mention that not only because the guy has 272 career MLS starts (that’s not including playoffs, Open Cup or Champions League matches) and still has something to offer in the Galaxy’s competitive pursuits. It’s also because the guy is a total pro and quite a nice fellow, the kind that (in all honesty) journalists like myself enjoy dealing with.

  1. drewvt6 - Feb 20, 2014 at 6:47 PM

    He’s not a B-list winger anymore. He’s more of a D-List winger or F-List. He’s terrible and washed up.

    When you’re a hustle player (Rogers was never high on the list of players with great skill/technique) and you lose your hustle, you’re pretty much worthless.

  2. davidvdb - Feb 23, 2014 at 11:16 AM

    For his career to continue, aside from staying healthy (which seems to be a problem for him), he needs to see the pitch. And I don’t know that he will with the Galaxy, at least not anytime soon. I’m a gay soccer fan, am rooting for him, and want this to go well.

    But, what’s the best thing for all parties involved here? Robbie needs to play, and with the Galaxy might only get that chance with the Galaxy II USL Pro team. Would he go down to that level and try to work his way back up? Is there a case to be made for trading him to Chivas, DC, even though the Galaxy would admittedly be selling very low on a player they gave up a ton for? I’d like to see what he can do with a full healthy season before totally writing off his career, and hope the Galaxy don’t just cut him. But missing the bulk of the preseason injured hurts him a lot, and there probably are a lot of guys in front of him on the depth chart now. If they’re holding on to Rogers merely because of what they gave up to get him and want some value from the trade, that’s understandable but Mike Magee is a sunk cost – even if Robbie ends up performing at an all-star level Magee isn’t coming back. Most will view the trade negatively no matter what at this point.

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