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Criticism of David Moyes hitting full throttle after loss to Liverpool. Fair?

Mar 17, 2014, 4:12 PM EDT

What next for Moyes and United? More new faces in January according to Arlo. Reuters

Some have said the English media has been unduly protective of Manchester United manager David Moyes due to the fact that he’s British; That a Portuguese or German manager would’ve already been roasted several times over for the year United’s had at Old Trafford.

That argument is getting soundly beaten today following the Red Devils’ 3-0 skunking at home by Liverpool on Sunday. His former academy coach at Everton is getting his name in print while criticizing Moyes’ skills as a teacher. Writers doting over Brendan Rodgers are using “He’s the anti-Moyes” as fodder.

And former Man City and Leeds player turned pundit Danny Mills is claiming Manchester United will not win a title for a decade or more.

Apparently you can lose your title grit in less than a year, but it takes a decade to replace it. It would seem Chelsea, PSG, Manchester City and others have shown this isn’t necessarily the case, but not today in English media. Anyway, I digress.

Perhaps this is going on in Milan as well, as San Siro has seen this season’s Old Trafford failures and raised them… maybe even doubled down. Yet it feels almost like a case of the rabble-rousers having success. Is David Moyes any worse of a manager than he was on Day One? How did Sir Alex Ferguson do it last year? Did the injuries to Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie do most of the damage, or did all the aging Red Devils find the other side of effectiveness between June and now?

Some of Moyes tactics should be in question. Juan Mata on the wing? Yikes. And Roberto Martinez‘s success at Everton without Moyes and Marouane Fellaini does seem to be pretty damning. So maybe it’s that simple. Maybe David Moyes isn’t fit for the job of boss at Manchester United.

But why did it take so long for the majority of the press to agree? There were two losses to Liverpool and a beating by Man City in September, back-to-back historical home losses to Everton and Newcastle in December and two points from three PL matches in February. If it was players then, it stands to reason it was players now. If it’s Moyes now… then why so much previous patience?

  1. dfstell - Mar 17, 2014 at 7:05 PM

    I’ve been in the Moyes Out camp for a long time and it has been nice to see the supporters of the guy get quieter with each successive loss. I haven’t seen an article with a title like, “Six reasons why David Moyes deserves more time” in a few months.

    To me, the most damning thing about him is how the players just won’t play for him. With each successive game, they play like they hate him more. I know they are professionals, but the managers job isn’t so much to devise tactics and whatnot, but to get the team selection right and make sure that those players are happy and motivated. Moyes has somehow crushed these guys.

    The other thing I like to ask Moyes apologists is, “What is the best soccer club in the world where their fans are buzzing on message boards about the possibility of David Moyes coming available this summer?” Last summer, it was clear that Mourinho was leaving Real Madrid and lots of fans were buzzing. Somewhere there is buzz about Andre Villas Boas. What club is buzzing for David Moyes? 2nd division Poland?

  2. Jenna - Mar 17, 2014 at 7:44 PM

    United were HORRIBLE against Liverpool. It’s not just about getting well and truly beaten. They played ugly, wretched football. They have some of the best players in the world, yet they play like they have no soul. SOMETHING is wrong in that dressing room. If not Moyes, what?

  3. scrummymustard - Mar 18, 2014 at 9:51 AM

    Klopp to ManU would be fantastic. 10x the manager that moyes is.

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