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US VP Joe Biden: “My Lord, there is nothing quite like the World Cup”

Apr 14, 2014, 9:19 PM EDT

John Kerry, Joe Biden, Mauro Vieira AP

United States Secretary of State John Kerry was known as “The Camel” in his days playing soccer for Yale. The long-striding runner preferred to play direct, would rather dribble than pass.

Vice president Joe Biden isn’t known for soccer at all, but he sure is known for being direct as well. For example, he’s not tip-toeing around the issue of how the USMNT can fare at this summer’s World Cup in Brazil.

Well maybe not this specifically this summer’s World Cup. The vagueness is still a thing there.

From the AFP:

“When it comes to soccer, America is coming on,” Biden said.

“It’s not historically been our game… but 25 million people in the United States play soccer, 80 percent of them are young people who will be players and fans for years to come.

“The world should know, we’re coming ready to play.”

The two American politicians were on scene Monday for the World Cup trophy’s first stop in the US as “part of a global tour before heading later to Brazil.” Biden also served as a walking commercial for attending the tournament.

From The Washington Post:

“You have to attend the World Cup to [understand] what it means. It’s the most unusual sporting event I’ve ever attended, and I’ve attended thousands. … It’s in the air, it’s a palpable sense of energy that I’ve never quite experienced. It’s the most consequential sporting event in the world. … We have our Super Bowl, we have our World Series, the NBA Finals, March Madness, but my Lord, there is nothing quite like the World Cup.”

Politicians don’t generally strike a good tone when it comes to sports, and really what clear space do they have in most sports fans minds? But credit where it’s due: the U.S. has a former college soccer player in its highest ranks and a VP who knows how to stoke the fire for soccer.

  1. dfstell - Apr 15, 2014 at 6:31 AM

    Ugh….I’m just going to pour hate on this….

    I don’t think we should get excited about anything these guys say. They don’t have a genuine feeling for anything. It’s not just a democrat thing either. Have you ever met politicians? They’re weirdo narcissists. They say whatever is convenient at the moment, get their picture taken and then move on. Biden probably went from this to speak at the American Society of Pool Cleaners where he recalled his boyhood days cleaning the pool at his parents house and got his picture taken with a pool net in his hands…

  2. adroste13 - Apr 15, 2014 at 11:30 AM

    If Kerry really did play at Yale, regardless if it was varsity or club, it sounds like he knows a thing or two about soccer. As for Biden, since he admittedly isn’t a soccer fan those stats were definitely provided to him. Let’s just take it for what it’s worth, Kerry will probably watch, understand and cheer the US team on in a very tough group and Biden will most likely only understand the outcome as he is new to the game…which is okay.

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