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FC Copenhagen’s supporters have won tifo for the forseeable future

May 5, 2014, 8:30 PM EDT

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In a sport where there has been plenty of fan violence in the past few weeks, let alone history, we’re always cautious when showing off anything incendiary. When a rivalry match ends with a 200-person brawl outside the stadium, then the incendiary stuff better be exceptionally well done.

Well that’s what Deadspin brings us from the FC Copenhagen match against Brondby this weekend.

Copenhagen’s fans bring forth an elaborate tifo, complete with a fan running a “cannonball” from a cannon into a painting of Brondby’s home stadium. That takes down half the “stadium,” as a second cannonball brings the whole thing down in time for smoke bombs to make it look like a real siege.

Look: no one’s advocating the actual demolition of Brondby’s stadium. This is symbolic. And if some nutcase was whacked enough to want to do that, he wouldn’t be using a cannonball.

Is it better than the giant Uncle Sam from last year’s U.S. World Cup qualifying or the Dinamo Bucharest display from last year? We’ll let you decide… but this was undoubtedly art:

  1. pecorasc - May 6, 2014 at 9:28 AM

    As much as you try to sugar coat it Steve, this article comes off highly insensitive. The world over grownups are getting splashed poolside by cannonballs. Many people have been accused of wearing undergarments that are “just the size of a cannonball.” The CIA failed to complete one and Woody Allen was one. These things do real damage, just ask Cannonball Richards.

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