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The DeAndre-Yedlin-to-Roma rumor just might pan out

Jul 6, 2014, 10:59 AM EDT

yedlin AP

DeAndre Yedlin‘s impressive performances at the World Cup were bound to result in a slew of rumors linking him to various clubs around the world. In fact, just yesterday the story of his imminent training with Liverpool was making the rounds, although closer examination suggested that idea be treated with plenty of skepticism.

Today, Italian sport daily Gazzetta dello Sport suggests that a deal for Yedlin has been completed. The race was between Italian sides Genoa and Roma, but the capital club have won out. It’s said that the terms of the agreement allow the 20-year-old to remain with the Seattle Sounders for another year, completing this season and not joining up with Roma until summer 2015.

As always, take these transfer stories with a grain of salt until you see the player in question holding up the shirt. Writers might be easily tempted to connect Yedlin to Roma: the club’s majority shareholders are American, along with president James Pallotta. That, and the fact that USMNT teammate Michael Bradley spent a year and a half with the giallorossi before joining Toronto FC, may make this an easy sell.

Then why write about it? Believe it or not, the reason isn’t to make Sounders fans sad (although at least you’d get another year of him!). La Gazzetta are usually one of the most reliable sources of Italy transfer news, so that gives this story more weight than, say, “American sources” reporting Yedlin will head to Liverpool for a trial.

What do you think? Do you believe the young defender will be signing for Roma? And if so, do you think this arrangement, which allows him more time to develop in MLS, is a good one?

  1. greej1938l - Jul 6, 2014 at 12:04 PM

    Good Questions…is there a right answer not knowing…I guess my Reply would be to find the mediation. I would hate to see him go over seas and play 30 mins a game tops. Full minutes is something MLS surely can offer for our speedster. Agreed?

    • timjayko2014 - Jul 7, 2014 at 12:36 AM

      Yeah, we all know in Europe they don’t train outside matches, and the players don’t get coached, or get to learn from other fellow experienced teammates. All they do is play matches… of course Yedlin going overseas to Europe is a great opportunity to gain experience! dur dur

  2. rafibomb10 - Jul 7, 2014 at 8:39 AM

    He is making $87,000 playing for Seattle. I am pretty positive that he would get an impressive pay increase if Yedlin moved to Rome.

    The MLS is going to be getting into a sticky situation in the coming years, with all of this absurdly confusing DP stuff, and having little or no money to pay for their own. The better the US talent gets the more and more the players will be able to sign lucrative contracts overseas that the MLS just cannot afford to match. Do we want our best players playing in Europe to improve their abilities? Or do we want our best players playing in the MLS to help grow the quality of MLS competition, with the hopes of one day being able to develop our own Messi, and not having to sign one as a DP at the age of 35+?

    I’d like to see Yedlin go have a wack at European competition though. He is exciting fast!

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