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Brazil boss Luis Felipe Scolari takes blame for huge defeat: “I am responsible”

Jul 8, 2014, 6:48 PM EDT


The expectation of an entire nation seemed to be weighing heavy on the shoulders of Brazil’s players early on during their shocking 7-1 defeat to Germany on Tuesday.

As soon as Thomas Muller scored the opener after 11 minutes Brazil’s defense imploded and the pressure put on them from their own fans tore them apart.

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The post-mortem into the worst defeat in Brazil’s proud history has begun and one man is taking the blame: manager Luis Felipe Scolari.

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Speaking in his post-match press conference, Scolari was asked how the catastrophic defeat came about. Here’s what he had to say.

“I will be remembered as the coach to lose 7-1 but I knew that risk when I took the job. The person who decided the line-up, the tactics, was me. It was my choice.”

“Who is invited to be the coach? I am. I am responsible. The catastrophic result can be shared as a group, my players will want that to happen. But who picked the tactics and the players? I did. The result and the performance is down to me. I am responsible.”

‘Big Phil’ will now need to stand up tall and take the intense criticism which is coming his way on the chin. The man has already won a World Cup with the Brazilian national team in 2002 and took them to the last four this time out with a far inferior team. When he took over in 2013, this country’s national team was in ruins. He at least restored some pride. Even if, right now, pride is the least prominent emotion that Brazilian fans and players are experiencing.

The squad Scolari had to whip into shape probably didn’t deserve to make the semifinals in any other tournament. The fact that they were playing on home soil and fed off the passion of the home fans dragged them through both of their narrow 2-1 wins in the last 16 clash against Chile and the quarterfinal vs. Colombia.

Scolari could never have foreseen his side defending so sluggishly in the opening 29 minutes and letting in five goals. With central defender and captain Thiago Silva out, Brazil’s defense resembled a poorly-manufactured sieve. Germany scored at will. Going forward Brazil were once again toothless and with their star man Neymar on the sidelines they had no hope at overturning what had already become an insurmountable German lead 29 minutes into the semifinal.

To take the blame off his players, Scolari will point the finger at himself. He doesn’t deserve that. Brazil’s players froze. Their 7-1 drubbing by Germany was down to basic errors being committed time and time again. There’s nothing Scolari can do about that.

  1. 4thquartermagic - Jul 8, 2014 at 6:57 PM

    “It was me who told Marcelo and David Louis to take the day off.”

  2. thedeadlockvictim - Jul 8, 2014 at 7:14 PM

    He can at least be thankful for one thing: that he’s not Japanese.

  3. matt14gg - Jul 8, 2014 at 7:19 PM

    Sorry, but the only thing that got them through to the quarterfinals was terrible, biased officiating. Once the home town calls dried up so did this team.

  4. mcba1n - Jul 8, 2014 at 7:43 PM

    Big Phil is an excellent coach, but I don’t know if there’s any manager in history that could get this group of players to play hard. The blame is on the players, for sure. No manager is going to employ tactics such as ‘watching the other team have their way with you inside the 18.’

    I think the real problem is that this Brazil side believes all it has to do is show up and it automatically wins. You see this amongst top flight teams/players from time to time and it’s troubling as a fan. Brazil looked nothing like the Confederations Cup team that won that tournament. They played with all this energy, passion and skill that we hear so much about. They played hard and played well…
    Not in the World Cup – not even close. Their intensity level improved come the knock out phase, but to me, they were mostly sleep walking – looking a team that was waiting for 1 player to do something awesome so that they can advance. Well, that one player to make that defensive play (Silva) or offensive play (Neymar) weren’t available today. You could see Luiz and Marcello busting their butts just trying to make a play – without much help from teammates. I don’t know what happened. I’ve never seen so many world class players forget why they are world class players in 1 match. This loss is 100% about the Brazillian players. It’s good to see Big Phil nut-up and take one for the team, but he was in no way responsible.

  5. tadtorque - Jul 8, 2014 at 7:45 PM

    This is a REAL COACH… unlike that rookie prima Donna that laid the blame at the feet of our national team.

  6. simonkulberg - Jul 8, 2014 at 9:45 PM

    It`s been a bit obvious for a few years that the ability of Brazil to develop new players to replace old ones they managed to keep up continuously from 1978 to 2006 has been lost. Just comparing Fred to Ronaldo at the striker spot says it all really. Ronaldo was a one man band who could tear apart even the Germans all by himself, while Fred spent six matches doing the fourth division hip-holding routine somewhere near the offside line. I`m not sure I even saw him run during this game, his positioning was awful, his passing was feeble, his runs non-existenet and he had basically no finishes at all.
    And you could go through the entire squad one by one and it`s the same thing. Cafu was about ten times better than Maicon is. Aldair could have prevented about three of the German goals all alone. And there`s just no way Rivaldo, Zico, Sokrates, Emerson or basically any Brazilian offensive midfielder prior to this generation would have lost possession as much as either of the three playing in this match did, and their passing would probably have been lethal as well. No leadership, no structure; not even basic marking was in evidence for most of the match. It was like watching a cup match between a league champion and some pot bellied old boys team.

    Yes, Germany were good. But by golly the Brazilians were abysmal.

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