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Gradebook: How did each country fare at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil?

Jul 14, 2014, 2:42 PM EDT

USA v Germany: Group G - 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Getty Images

With the 2014 World Cup done and dusted, it is time to wrap things up and reflect on how each team performed in Brazil.

From Champions Germany to the disappointing early exits of Italy, Spain, England and Portugal, we run the rule over all 32 teams who took part in South America.

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How did the U.S. do, you ask?

Well, scroll down a little bit and you will find out!


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 source:  Champions A+
GERMANY: The Champions had a wonderful tournament and hardly put a foot wrong. The ‘Golden Generation’ deserved the golden trophy. Goals galore and solid as a rock.
 source: Getty Images  Third Place A
NETHERLANDS: Louis van Gaal’s men restored the pride of a nation as veterans and youngsters combined to dazzle. Unlucky not to make the final. A joy to watch.
 source: AP Runners Up A
ARGENTINA: Sabella’s men only trailed for 7 minutes the entire tournament. That was the final 7 minutes of the final. Messi tried to inspire them, but they came up agonizingly short.
 source: AP  Quarterfinals A
COSTA RICA: The real surprise package as the CONCACAF nation topped their group and were within PKs of the semifinals. Marvelous from Los Ticos.
 source: AP  Quarterfinals A- COLOMBIA: The darlings of the tournament, James Rodriguez was sublime and Los Cafeteros played sexy soccer. Should have made the semis.
 source: AP  Round of 16  B+ CHILE: They almost knocked out Brazil in the last 16 and probably deserved too. Sanchez, Vidal and co. will be back. Wonderful energy.
 source: Getty Images  Quarterfinals  B+ FRANCE: Didier Deschamps has constructed a fine French side. Benzema scored goals, Pogba and Varane are talents. Unlucky no to make the final four.
 source: AP  Round of 16  B+ USA: Out of the ‘Group of Death’ and so close to snatching a miracle win vs. Belgium. Klinsmann’s men have made progress. Can they kick on from this?
source: AP  Round of 16  B+ ALGERIA: They defended for their lives and gave Germany a real scare in the last 16. The Desert Foxes can be proud.
source: AP  Round of 16  B+ MEXICO: We love Herrera’s celebrations and El Tri were two minutes away from the quarterfinals. Wonderful unity after the qualifying debacle.
source:   Quarterfinals B BELGIUM: The Belgians never truly got going but came close to making the final four. They kept every game close, but the offense never sparked. Slightly disappointing.
 source: Getty Images Fourth place B
BRAZIL: They were expected to win this and were crushed in the semifinals 7-1. They limped through the knockout rounds and Neymar’s injury was the last straw. Not a great Brazil side, but they battled.
 source: Getty Images Round of 16 B
SWITZERLAND: The Swiss are such a funny team. They were hammered by France, then took Argentina all the way to the 118th minute before being knocked out. Stubborn.
 source: AP  Round of 16   B- GREECE: How they got to the last 16, I do not know. However they lost on PKs to Costa Rica and predictably failed to get going offensively.
 source: AP  Group Stage   B-
BOSNIA: They didn’t make it out of their group, but they should have. They beat Iran, just lost to Argentina and somehow lost to Nigeria when they missed a hatful of chances. Great showing by the rookies.
 source: AP Round of 16   C+ URUGUAY: They just made it out of Group D ahead of England and Italy but were shown up by Colombia. Luis Suarez let Uruguay down and were the reason they left early.
 source: AP Round of 16   C+ NIGERIA: Solid but unspectacular, the African champions did well. They escaped from an easy group, battled vs. France but poor defending undid their good work.
 source: AP  Group Stage  C-
ITALY: Beating England in their opener should have been the perfect springboard. Wrong. Two 1-0 defeats to Costa Rica and Uruguay sent the Italians home. Poor showing.
 source: AP Group Stage   D+
IVORY COAST: Even Didier Drogba couldn’t inspire Les Elephants to the knockout rounds. On paper they are superb but at times the defending was woeful.
 source: AP Group Stage   D+
ENGLAND: No wins. One point. Hopes of a nation shattered. England looked bright vs. Italy and Uruguay but silly mistakes cost them. Bright future but how long will this rebuild take?
 source: Getty Images Group Stage  D- GHANA: They gave it a good go, but poor finishing cost them time and time again. Defeat to the U.S. and Portugal was the killer. Played well to draw with Germany.
 source: Getty Images  Group Stage  D- AUSTRALIA: Lost all three games but certainly not disgraced. Took the Netherlands all the way and they were in a tough group. New era for the Socceroos as Cahill, left, hang up the boots.
 source: AP  Group Stage D- RUSSIA: Fabio Capello has a lot of questions to answer as his side crashed out. Awful goalkeeping errors aside, Russia never looked comfortable. The hosts of the next World Cup must improve.
 source: AP  Group Stage D- ECUADOR: So close, but so far. When all was said and done the Swiss just pipped Ecuador. However the South Americans just didn’t have the quality in the final third. Silly mistakes throughout.
 source:   Group Stage D- IRAN: Carlos Quieroz almost secured a famous draw for his side vs. Argentina but a late Messi wondergoal undid Iran. Not bad. Not great either.
 source: AP Group Stage F
CROATIA: Robbed vs. Brazil in the opener and never recovered. Mexico battered them. Olic and co. looked tired and ageing.
 source: AP Group Stage F
KOREA: Just poor from South Korea. They led Russia briefly but that was as good as it got. No wins. Bottom of their group.
 source: AP Group Stage F
PORTUGAL: Ronaldo’s boys failed miserably. They beat Ghana at the death, but they were hammered by Germany and grabbed a last-gasp point vs. USA. Shaky throughout.
 source:  Group Stage F
SPAIN: The inquest started a while ago as the defending champs were dumped out. A 5-1 hammering by Holland, then 2-0 by Chile, the stuff nightmares are made of. End of an era?
 source: Reuters Group Stage F
HONDURAS: No points. Just one goal scored. The CONCACAF minnows continue to qualify for World Cups but don’t do anything when they get there.
source: AP  Group Stage F
JAPAN: Very disappointing for the Japanese as Honda and Kagawa couldn’t create anything. One point and that was it.
 source: AP Group Stage F
CAMEROON: A shamble from start to finish. Squabbling over bonuses led to a lack of focus. Outclassed in every game as they lost all three.
  1. thedeadlockvictim - Jul 14, 2014 at 3:00 PM

    A bit tough on Ghana and Portugal, surely. Kind of minimizes the US’s accomplishment in getting past them.

    • Sgc - Jul 14, 2014 at 4:03 PM

      Yeah, Ghana had the run of play against the US after going down early, and they tied Germany. Perhaps they’re being downgraded for the dissension in the camp.

  2. quizguy66 - Jul 14, 2014 at 3:19 PM

    Some of these grades are incongruous even with what is written about the given teams.

    B for Brazil is generous with what was expected.
    Bosnia somehow outgrades a Nigeria team they lost to.
    Croatia gets an F when they got royally hosed vs Brazil.

  3. kellybeck15 - Jul 14, 2014 at 4:04 PM

    Brazil with a B and Australia with a D? Come on…:

  4. braxtonrob - Jul 14, 2014 at 4:44 PM

    Teacher’s pet (USA) gets a ‘B+’.

    I don’t think so, more like ‘C+’.

  5. egb234 - Jul 14, 2014 at 6:05 PM

    Croatia got screwed and had to play in Manaus. Can’t give them an F.

    England barely managed a tie on a horribly boring 0-0 game. Had plenty of talent. Deserve an F.

    Portugal beat a Ghanaian team with everything to play for. Deserve better than an F.

    Australia are supposedly very bad and played very competitive matches. Deserve better.

    In all, too many Bs and Ds and not enough Cs.

  6. bayoor75 - Jul 14, 2014 at 8:02 PM

    Pretty sure, another soccer-ignorant writer wrote this piece of sh!t!

    Brazil, a B? Yes, they finished 4th, but they were favorites to win the tournament! Losing 7-1 in the semis? And 3-0 in the 3rd place game? Ask any Brazilian, and they will tell you that the team deserves an F! Objectively, Brazil should get a C or a C-.

    Greece, a B-? Yeah, right! They lucked out against Ivory Coast and had no business playing in the second round! C tops!

    Bosnia, a B- and Nigeria, a C+? Isn’t that Ironic? Even though Bosnia was the overwhelming favorite to come in second in the group and qualify? Even though most analysts wrote Nigeria off before the tournament? Even though Nigeria beat Bosnia? Even though Argentina barely escaped with a 3-2 win over Nigeria in a game dominated by Nigeria? Even though it took France 78 minutes to finally score against Nigeria? Even though Nigeria went toe-to-toe against France? Even though Nigeria had 6 or 7 good chances to score against France in the first half?

    It just shows how uninformed or knowledgeable Joe Prince-Wright (the writer is)! Probably never watched the games and just used the scores and ESPN analysts’ comments to make this stupid grades up!

  7. midtec2005 - Jul 15, 2014 at 2:01 PM

    Consider me among the crowd that thinks the U.S.A could have done better if they just played more attacking soccer. Take the Nigeria warm up game for example… and note that Nigeria was a handful in the WC.

  8. herogoesallin - Jul 16, 2014 at 5:58 AM

    usa over belgium….this writer is stupid or british…or both.

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