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Cristiano Ronaldo threw some punch-like thing at Diego Godín

Aug 22, 2014, 9:12 PM EDT

cristiano_ronaldo AP

Cristiano Ronaldo was a little short on chill today at the Vicente Calderón. Perhaps that was because of his health, with an injury keeping him on the bench for the first half of today’s Supercopa finale. Perhaps it was due to a frustrating second half, one that saw the superstar starved of chances in Real Madrid’s 1-0 loss. By the final whistle, an indefatigable Atlético brought out the chippy side of Sergio Ramos and El Real, with Ronaldo providing day’s the most violent display.

The moment came near full-time, with a Real Madrid corner from the left giving the European champions faint hope of an equalizer. Soon after, the team’s frustrations resurfaced in punch from its leading scorer, who elected to change sports on Diego Godín rather than play the incoming ball.

Thanks for this, Ryan:

This is bad, stupid, should draw a suspension, and all that jazz, but it’s about time we addressed the underlying issue, one we rarely talk about when we see our role models embrace violence:

Why can’t these guys throw a punch?

I don’t want to suggest that every kid be taught how to throw a proper punch, but if you don’t know how, maybe pass on the assault? I mean, definitely pass on it, regardless, but if you’ve already decided to do something only your seven-year-old self can really appreciate, maybe do something you can actually pull off? If “punching somebody” isn’t on this list, center stage at the Calderón isn’t place to break new ground.

And was see it in other sports, too. Basketball rights are ridiculous. You see a punch land in a baseball brawl occasionally but most of the time it’s errant haymakers and wrestling takedowns. The only sport team sport where the fighting holds up in hockey, where the only people who fight are the ones that know they can throw a punch.

Just incase you’re reading this, Cristiano, you don’t throw a punch as if there’s a baseball on the end of your arm. This isn’t you tossing your boot into your bag or flinging your shorts into the pile. You don’t start your punch from behind your head and fling it forward like you’re launching a football. Were there never any fights in Lisbon?

I’m guessing no, which isn’t such a bad thing, though it’s certainly a reason not to pick up the practice now. But your chance to develop into a hard man is gone. Vinnie Jones is laughing at you.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Fighting is not for you.

  1. dkalev - Aug 22, 2014 at 9:53 PM

    If that constitutes a punch than this is utter bs, simple Diego tugged his jersey and started falling over, a frustrated Ronaldo went to push him off (in a violent manner) without looking and struck his head… Blown way out of proportion

  2. armstrongsmissingball - Aug 23, 2014 at 12:02 AM

    I don’t see a punch I see what happens on every corner…..the defense is grabbing tugging molesting the best and tallest player on the other team and 90% of the time get away with it. 10% of the time a team scores.

  3. lyleoross - Aug 25, 2014 at 12:24 PM

    I’m going to disagree with both sides here. First, it is a punch, and yes, it may have occurred because Diego pulled at CR7s jersey. It was still a punch, Diego’s head snaps around quite nicely on contact. That belays the author’s point. If you can land enough of a punch that the recipient’s head snaps around, it’s not a bad punch. I admit, Renaldo looks like he’s a minion in his wind up and delivery, but it did carry some weight.

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