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Di Maria says he only stayed at Real Madrid because of Cristiano Ronaldo

Sep 3, 2014, 9:20 PM EDT

Spanish Super Cup - "Real Madrid v Atletico Madrid" Getty Images

If it wasn’t for Cristiano Ronaldo, Angel Di Maria would have left Real Madrid before last season. That was the statement the Argentine winger made before his side’s 4-2 win over Germany on Wednesday.

“The truth is that I have a great relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo and I stayed at Madrid last season thanks to him,” Di Maria told ESPN Radio.

“I left Madrid in the best possible way, by winning La Decima,” Di Maria continued. “In my farewell letter, I said exactly how I felt from the first day at the Bernabeu.”

The letter (below) clears up any rumors concerning Di Maria’s desire to stay at Madrid. He was all in. But apparently the higher-ups in the Spanish capital didn’t see him in their future, so much so that even pleas from Ronaldo to secure Di Maria’s services fell on deaf ears.

Di Maria’s letter to fans stated the following: “Unfortunately today I have to go, but I want to make clear that this was never my desire.

“As anyone who works, I’ve always wanted to progress. After winning ‘La Decima’ I went to the World Cup with the hope of receiving a new contract, which never came.

“Many things and many lies were spoken. They always wanted to attribute the initiative to me to leave the club, but I did not. The only thing I asked for is something that would be fair.

He added: “I’ve been lucky enough to share a dressing room with fantastic players, who have been even better companions.

“I think that was the key to La Decima. I want to apologize for the times I was wrong, on or off the pitch. It was never my intention to harm anyone.

“I sweated for this shirt in every game as if it was my last. There were times when things went for me and others not, but what I can say is that I always gave everything.”

For Manchester United fans, hearing these words are only positive. It appears that Di Maria has turned the page on his time at Real Madrid and is ready to write a new chapter. Perhaps he harbors some ill-will towards his former club but that should only serve as motivation to reach new levels of success at Old Trafford.

  1. fantom21 - Sep 3, 2014 at 11:37 PM

    Calling it now, if Man U want to break the bank again next summer, Real Madrid can cash out on their aging star and sell him back to Man U.

    • lordfletcher - Sep 4, 2014 at 1:31 AM

      Depending on how the year goes it could potentially come sooner, well talk of thus that is. I personally think its a far cry… The only thing holding this “deal” back is the current roster. I think you obviously make room for someone of CR7’s abilities but is he worth the $85+ million it would possibly cost???? No doubt Real would want top dollar but its hard to justify that amount on someone if you’re Man Utd that doesn’t involve 2 players, more of a true Mid and CB. Strootman and Hummel’s is more of a dream to me …. K bed time. :) cheers.

  2. dkalev - Sep 4, 2014 at 7:36 AM

    I can see both sides here… He was forced to learn a new position and excelled at it, so he wanted to get compensated, yet that was the third time in four years he wanted to get a pay raise which is a little crazy

  3. gregalthoff - Sep 4, 2014 at 8:24 AM

    Ronaldo will want to go to Man U, but van Gaal won’t want him (getting old, quickly)

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